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The NoteWorthy Series: Rolex GMT-Master and GMT- Master II Review


Welcome to our Rolex NoteWorthy series! The next two watches we’re reviewing are the Rolex GMT-Master and Rolex GMT-Master II, both based on Rolex’s highly successful and innovative multiple time-zone aviator watch. Rolex GMT-Master Review & History The ultimate in travel timepieces when it was introduced back in the 1950’s, the GMT- Master featured the […]

Round Diamond Pendant Auctions for $2,800!


This single diamond pendant necklace has an understated beauty to it but certainly not an understated value! It was a hit at auction with over 40 bidders in 48 hours! Diamond Breakdown Center Stone Shape: Round Carat: 1.01ct Color: I Clarity: SI1 Fluorescence: Faint, Blue Polish: Very good Necklace Chain: 14k White Gold Final Auction […]

The NoteWorthy Series: Rolex Air-King Review


Thank you for tuning into our Rolex NoteWorthy series! We’ll be posting regular reviews of the classic Rolex watch models that merit a special in-depth mention because of their distinguished history and iconic status. We’re beginning with the Rolex Air-King, one of the most popular Rolex watches of all time. Rolex Air-King History The history […]

Diamond Brings it Home at Auction

diamond earring with tie-tack

Our clients have many reasons for selling their valuables with us. Some want to move on from a stage in their lives, some want to liquidate their items, other simply want to make room in their collections for something new. Our recent client Paula had a reason of her own that we can definitely identify […]

$4,000 Wins Rolex at Auction!


The auction for this sleek and simple Rolex Datejust was very active, with over 50 bidders! The timepiece came to us in great condition with original warranty papers, instruction manual, and box. This particular model, the ultimate classic is made of stainless steel with a black dial. Watch dimensions and details: Size: 40mm Links: 12 […]