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Episode 10: Does Divorce Make You Poor? With Laurie Itkin


Laurie Itkin is like the financial fairy godmother every divorcee needs as she embraces her fresh start. Also known as the Option’s Lady, Laurie is an expert on all things financial. In this episode, she unpacks what we learned in our “Building a Financial Fresh Start” study. What kinds of surprises did women find in the dissolution of their marriages? How in control of finances do most women feel during and after a divorce?

Spoil Me

Laurie watched her mother go through two divorces and understands the fear of being in a situation where you might outlive your money. You can hear how passionate she is about helping women get smart about their financial futures, and this episode is full of ways you can just do that. Even better? We’ve got a discount for listeners to her Women’s Guide to Financial Planning After Divorce course. Listen for the code!



On This Week’s Episode

  • Where did the idea for the Option’s Lady come from?
  • Developing healthy financial habits.
  • 401k after divorce
  • Division of assets
  • Retirement saving after divorce
  • Building a financial fresh start study
  • Why women abdicate control of their money to their husbands while married
  • How to take charge of finances after divorce
  • Finance discovery in divorce proceedings
  • Career change following divorce
  • Paying off debt after divorce
  • Women’s Guide to Financial Planning After Divorce
  • CDFA
  • The financial literacy gap between men and women

Connect with Laurie


Thanks for listening to “Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle!”

Divorce is the end of one chapter, but it’s also an opportunity to create the life you always dreamed of. You are the author of the story of your life, get some inspiration from “Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle!” The divorce podcast that will keep you thriving as you embrace your fresh start!


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Connect with Worthy


Laurie Itkin, financial fairy godmother, joins our podcast this week to discuss how to get your finances in order and plan for the future.
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