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Gil Gadot Named Worthy COO and Executive Vice Chairman

Gil Gadot

NEW YORK, July 27, 2015 –, the premier marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods, has appointed Gil Gadot, a well-known financial technology executive, as its executive vice chairman and chief operations officer.

Mr. Gadot will play an integral role in Worthy’s growth strategy, helping to foster relationships with key industry partners and in moving the business forward.

“It’s an exciting moment to be joining Worthy as its vision of transforming the estate and luxury goods industry is gaining ground in the marketplace,” said Mr. Gadot. “With an excellent team already in place, and a unique value proposition, Worthy’s prospects for growth and expansion are strong.”

Mr. Gadot joins Worthy with more than 20 years of experience in finance and technology. Most prominently, he co-founded Fundtech, a leading provider of financial technology to banks where he was instrumental in building the company from inception through its recent acquisition for $1.25 billion. During his tenure, he served in many roles including president of Fundtech Asia-Pacific, chief technology officer, and was in charge of establishing Fundtech businesses in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific. Mr. Gadot is credited with developing some of the company’s most successful products in the global financial markets. Prior to founding Fundtech, he held positions in project management, programming and development.

“We are very proud to bring Gil onto our team. His transition to full time chief operating officer and executive vice chairman will allow us to benefit from his extraordinary talents and experience,” said Ben De-Kalo, founder and CEO,

Earlier this year, Worthy appointed Peter S. Schneirla as president. Mr. Schneirla is an experienced and respected executive in the international jewelry industry whose credentials include experience with Tiffany & Co., as chief gemologist; Harry Winston; DeBeers; LVMH; GIA; and many more.

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