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Worthy Launches Jeweler Partner Program to its Pre-Owned Luxury Marketplace

Worthy, Inc. launches jeweler partner program

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2014 /PRESS RELEASE — Worthy (, a unique and secure online marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods, has launched a new white-label auction service for retail jewelers, diamond traders, luxury watch collectors and pawn-shop owners.

The new service provides jewelers with access to a customizable white-label version of the Worthy auction platform, facilitating the best market price for their walk-in clients and slow moving inventory.

“While the practice of selling luxury items online is increasing, there are still a great number of individuals who prefer doing it through their local jeweler,” said Ben De-Kalo, founder and CEO of Worthy. “Now, when clients walk into their local jewelry store to sell a jewelry item, they can feel the comfort of working with a familiar face while still benefitting from the reach and efficiency of the Worthy Auction Platform.”

Beyond the added service to their customers, jewelers can utilize the Worthy Auction Platform in other ways that can benefit their business directly. “It is much more than that,” says Mr. De-Kalo. “There are a fair amount of jewelers that need to turn over aged inventory whether to make room for a new collection, close their business for retirement, or jewelry store relocation. We decided to embrace this challenge.”

The auction platform itself is operationally similar to that available to individual private sellers with three main differences. First and foremost, the platform is customizable, to be branded by the jeweler and powered by Worthy. Second, the item description forms are far more detailed to include characteristics that only a jeweler would recognize, resulting in more accurate market value estimations and better offers. Lastly, the jeweler is offered a lower commission structure. Partner jewelers can expect offers within the range of liquidation-wholesale value for their items.

Worthy’s new program aims to bring jewelers, previously viewed negatively, back into the resale process.

About Worthy
Worthy ( is a unique online and secure marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods including diamonds, brand-named watches, jewelry, gemstones and precious metals. The company has developed an unbiased selling platform providing private sellers and retailers with the safest and quickest way to auction high-value items to a market of committed buyers and receive the best market value. By making the process simple and providing guaranteed item descriptions, Worthy makes it easy for pre-approved buyers to enjoy a steady stream of deals suited to their business needs. Worthy is headquartered in New York City with an operations center in Tyler, Texas and a R&D facility in Israel.

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