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I Thought a Ring Would Make Me Feel Worthy

Elizabeth spent so long thinking an engagement ring would make her feel worthy. But after divorce, it was selling the ring that empowered her.

Mar 16th, 2020| by Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois

Introducing The 2020 Worthy Women’s Scholarship

In 2019, we received over 600 applications from across the country, pouring in from almost every state. Here are Worthy's 3 scholarship winners from 2019. Apply for 2020

Feb 17th, 2020| by Worthy Staff

Can Private Facebook Messages Be Used In Court?

You were probably wondering and the answer is yes, your private messages on Facebook and other social media platforms are admissable in Court.

Dec 26th, 2019| by Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois

What To Do When You See Domestic Violence

When you see domestic violence, what do you do? Are you even sure it's abuse? Here are some ways to identify domestic violence and how you can help.

Oct 23rd, 2019| by Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois

How Women Can Support One Another During Divorce

Recent divorcee Elizabeth shares how the night her marriage ended, friends and loved ones stepped up their game to help her, her son, and her dogs.

Sep 12th, 2019| by Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois

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