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Stylish Watches – The Most Fashionable Watches of 2016


Apart from the usual classic silver and gold watches, watch trends are now changing drastically fast, displaying a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Think you can keep up with it? Here are some of the most fashionable watches of 2016 that are bound to help you keep track of time whilst helping you make a style statement.

Octo Ultranero, Bulgari


Image source: Luxedb


For 2016, Bulgaria has officially decided to with elegant black stylish watches for men. Introducing three models for its new collection, each watch accompanies black cases, black rubber straps and rose gold accents. The Bulgari Octo soon became one of the most awaited and favorite watch collections of 2016, especially among watch collectors and fanatics. In all three models, Bulagria maintains the excellent polishing techniques as each of the watches continue to glow.

J12 Mirror, Chanel


Image source: Chanel

J12 Mirror is an exquisite timepiece that features a mirror dial with a lacquered white center and white Arabic numerical. The J12 is one of the most stylish watches for women today. Like the other models of the J12 collection, the main feature of the watch remains its delicate and beautiful high-tech ceramic steel bracelet which is scratch resistant. The sparkly watch is a treat to look at and functions incredibly well, powered by a self-winding movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Serpenti Incantati, Bulgari

Bulgari Serpenti Incantat stylish watches

Image source: Watchonista


For women who can’t seem to get enough of gems and precious stones, Bulgari’s Serpenti Incantati is a must have. The word Incantati means “enchanting” in Italian and the watch is rightly so. Following the original interpretation of the serpent theme, for the first time, the serpent coils itself around the watch dial, featuring a new and dazzling design. Fashioned with sparking diamonds and rubellites, the valuable timepiece is a sight to behold.
Big Bang Unico Chronograph Retrograde Euro 2016™, Hublot
To celebrate its third Euro participation, Hublot has introduced the new Big Bang Unico Chronograph Retrograde Euro 2016™. The incredible timepiece is surely one of the world’s most stylish watches for men. The watch proudly wears the colors of France, the country which will be organizing country of the 15th edition of the Euro.

Radiomir 1940 Collection, Panerai


Image source: Panerai


Sometimes less is more and that is what the Radiomir 1940 Collection is all about. Each of the four new models features a clear dial that pays a tribute to the essence of classic watchmaking while maintaining a modern look. The Radiomir 1940 Collection features stylish watches for men that perfectly execute nobility and elegance.

Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph, IWC

Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph, IWC

Image source: Sjx


Not only is Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Chronograph one of the most fashionable watches you will ever let your eyes on but is also among the few watches which allow the user to select a second time zone, that too with just a single move. The elegant and stylish watch fashions the worn looking Santoni patina, with an unusual and soft orange leather lining. The timepiece features a simple stainless steel case that holds the entire watch together magnificently.


Affordable Stylish Watches

There is an easy way to stay in style while on a budget. The watch resale market is thriving,
and considering the high prices of most luxury watches, buying a second-hand one is a popular way to make a luxurious statement while saving some money.If you wish to upgrade your watch and buy a stylish watch model for less, consider selling your old watch online, and using the money you get for it to buy the a one. Start with a free estimate.

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