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How I Turned My Quilting Hobby into a Paid Profession Post-Divorce

hobby to paid profession

By Lorie Kleiner Eckert   When I divorced in 1994, I had been a stay-at-home mom for eighteen years. Needing to become gainfully employed, I decided to turn my hobby of quilt-making into a paid profession by becoming a speaker on the quilt lecture circuit. I didn’t know at the time that no such thing […]

5 Tips To Tidy Up An Estate

5 Tips To Tidy Up An Estate

By Debbie Reslock   Ever since Marie Kondo came on the scene, much has been said about her methods to gain some order in our lives. She believes we shouldn’t mindlessly collect but actually consider the relationship between ourselves and our stuff. The expert at organizing, bestselling author and star of Netflix’s hit show “Tidying […]

What to Do With an Old 401(k)

By Marla Brill   If you’ve recently retired, you may be getting advice from your financial adviser or broker to “roll over” your 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan into a an IRA. But for some people, keeping the money in the old employer’s plan might be better.   Both choices have their pros and […]

Over 50 And Female? Boost Your Health With These 5 Self-Care Steps

self-care steps

By Stephanie Thurrott via Considerable   Sure, you get your mammograms. You add a skin cancer check to your visits with your dermatologist. And scheduling a colonoscopy, well, you’ll get to that soon.   For women over 50, taking control of your health means more than crossing appointments off your list.   Brunilda Nazario, the […]

Becoming an Online Entrepreneur in Retirement

By Lorie Kleiner Eckert   My friend and I often talk about the opportunity inherent in the Internet. Our conversation goes something like this, “If you have a million followers on social media and you sell your product, whatever it is, to just one percent of them, you just sold, 10,000 whatchamacallits!”   The worldwide […]

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