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Why Selling Your Engagement Ring May Be the Way to Go


By Liza Caldwell, Cofounder, SAS for Women.   As Beyonce Says, “Ring Off!”   Although the legal dust has settled and you are officially “divorced,” you probably realize that your process is not quite complete. Things are still messy and unclear; that’s because you’ve not yet arrived at your final destination, your stabilized AFTERWARD. You […]

You Accept The Love You Think You Deserve


By Desirae Harper   I spent a good chunk of my best life trying to be the perfect girlfriend to selfish little boys who didn’t deserve me on my worst day. When my daughter became a toddler, I realized that she was watching me. Imitating me. Learning from me. When I worked out, she would […]

Releasing the Weight Holding Me Down


By Jennifer Butler   I must have opened the drawer to look at them a thousand times right after my divorce. Beautiful symbols of a love, supposed to last forever, that I wore so proudly, allowing the whole world to know that I was a part of something bigger than just me. I loved staring […]