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How to Identify Valuable Items In Your Jewelry Box


By Yingjia Puk   Is your jewelry box filled with items passed down from family, and perhaps with pieces you no longer wear? Whether you’re a collector or inheritor, the items in your jewelry box can be a treasure trove of surprises. Jewel-encrusted items we think may be extremely valuable can be worth only a […]

Your Diamond Ring is Worth More Than You Think

Header_1394x566_diamond_ring_worth_more (1)

By Laurie Itkin   Let’s play a little game. Ask yourself what you would do in each of these four scenarios.   Scenario #1: Your pet needs medical care. She needs tests and a costly procedure.   If you had $2,000 sitting in your drawer, would you use it to pay the veterinarian instead of […]

Why Selling Your Engagement Ring May Be the Way to Go


By Liza Caldwell, Cofounder, SAS for Women.   As Beyonce Says, “Ring Off!”   Although the legal dust has settled and you are officially “divorced,” you probably realize that your process is not quite complete. Things are still messy and unclear; that’s because you’ve not yet arrived at your final destination, your stabilized AFTERWARD. You […]

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