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10 Sayings Every Strong Woman in her 40’s Should Embrace

10 sayings for strong women to Embrace

By Laura Lifshitz   There comes a time in your life as a woman when you embrace every last quirk you have, flaunt your strengths and accept your weaknesses like a queen meeting her subjects.   That time is 40.   It’s not that you are cocky or “better-than.” It’s just that as a strong […]

When Healing After Divorce, There’s No One-Size-Fits-All

Healing After Divorce

  By Carey Davidson   I’m a lot like you. The details of our experiences may differ, but we’ve all suffered the same sting of divorce. Each of us carries our own particular brand of pain. Some plod along carrying the low-lying emotions for a few months while others bear the weight for years.   […]

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