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What I Learned After a Perfect Day Gone Wrong

Worthy_StaxetFreeman_PerfectionArticle_0117_Header_697x283_02 (1)

By Stacey Freeman   Tuesaday was a great day. I signed two new clients and spoke with a potential third. My existing ones were happy. So, too, were my kids, at least for the moment. I cooked dinner. My finances were in order. And, dare I say, I was enjoying dating, taking it for what […]

Top 15 Promises from our Worthy Women

Worthy_MyWorthyPromise_RecapArticle_0117_Header_697x283_01 (4) (1)

A few weeks ago, we launched #MyWorthyPromise, a campaign to help us all be the best version of ourselves this new year. We believe that New Year’s resolutions often set us up for failure. When you write a list of resolutions you’re actually setting unrealistically high expectations for yourself. They are often so hard to […]

13 Lucky Diamond Rings Sold on the 13th

Worthy_Friday13Rings_Article_0117_Header_697x283_02 (1)

The first Friday the 13th of the year has arrived, and with it, an irrefutable excuse to call in sick and hide under the blankets with a baseball bat. But don’t freak out, fellow readers, we have good news for you.   Here at Worthy, we’ve decided to defy superstition. That’s right, we don’t fear […]

What I Promise Myself After Ending an Abusive Marriage

dena-london-promise-article (1)

By Dena Landon   According to my ex-husband I was stupid, bad with money, insecure and carried so much baggage it’s a wonder our honeymoon flight got off the ground. Like most verbally abusive men he didn’t start off by destroying my self-esteem on our first date. It was a gradual process. Over time the […]

‘Better Things’: The TV Series About Divorce and Single Parenting You Aren’t Watching but Should Be

Worthy_StaceyFtrrmanBetterThings_Article_0117_697x283_01_OptionB (1)

Credit: FX Networks By Stacey Freeman   Heard it all before? A divorced, single mom struggling to achieve work-life balance while raising three kids? Think again. Pamela Adlon, (“Californication,” “Louie”) has managed to take such frequently popularized, arguably overdone, themes to create “Better Things,” a comedy/drama already renewed for its second season that will interest […]