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What to Do With Wedding Photos After Divorce?

What to Do With Wedding Photos After Divorce

By Dena Landon   In the process of Marie Kondo-ing your home and friendships, you’ve probably come across the photo albums. Covered in white, ribbons and lace, they hold the memories of a marriage that ended. What to do with them, keep or toss? Or set them on fire in a trash can?   After […]

Are State Estate Taxes in Your Future?

State Estate Taxes

By Marla Brill   If you thought that the federal estate tax exemption eliminated any tax triggers for heirs, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise in some states.   In 2019 the federal estate tax exemption is $11.4 million for an individual and $22.8 million for a married couple. That means heirs to […]

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