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Volunteer Your Way Back to Paid Work


By Elizabeth Suneby   Many women who take a career break to raise their children find that volunteering helps pave a path back to paid employment. Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder of iRelaunch and co-author of Back on the Career Path (often called “the bible of career reentry”), encourages women on career break to actively seek […]

Sell That Jewelry And Do Something FUN!


By Lisa Lewtan   My friend, Gretchen, said to me recently “I love traveling so much. I would dig into my jewelry box and sell my diamond jewelry if it meant I could take another trip!”   I so get it.   For many of us, at this stage in life, pursuing our passions is […]

Top 10 Staycation To-Do’s


There’s no need to go too far from home to find happiness. In fact, these winter holidays, home is exactly where happiness lives. Besides saving money -lots of it- and precious hours otherwise spent standing in lines, a staycation is the best way to have a relaxing, meaningful time with yourself and your loved ones. […]

6 Ways to Turn Inherited Jewelry Into Meaningful Tributes


Our lost loved ones leave us with many, many things to remember them. Stories, sayings, values, lessons, memories… and in many cases, jewelry. Inherited jewelry can carry a big emotional weight. But what if you could turn your mother’s beloved diamond ring into something that can help you not just remember her, but also honor […]