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Summer Travel Essentials

W_SummerTravelEssentials_Headr_697x283_01 (1)

No matter how high your mileage is, or how many stamps in your passports you can brag about. There’s always THAT thing you forgot to pack. We’ve all been there. That’s why, this summer, we came up with a list of Worthy’s ultimate essentials for a healthy, fun and renewing summer vacation. But it doesn’t […]

Top 5 Girlfriend Getaways


Girlfriend getaways are the perfect antidote for breakups. We’ve learned it from Carrie Bradshaw: a post-breakup best girlfriends’ honeymoon can help you smile again in a matter of hours. If you or one of your friends have recently gone through a divorce, it might be time to start planning a newly single girlfriends getaway. Even […]

Sell That Jewelry And Do Something FUN!


By Lisa Lewtan My friend, Gretchen, said to me recently “I love traveling so much. I would dig into my jewelry box and sell my diamond jewelry if it meant I could take another trip!” I so get it. For many of us, at this stage in life, pursuing our passions is so much more […]

7 Hobbies You Can Turn into Your Job


Imagine waking up every morning knowing that after coffee, you’ll dive in for hours into that activity that makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished. In a world where personal finance often prevails over dreams and wishes, it might sound like a fantasy to build your career based on your hobby. But the truth is, many […]

5 Anti Stress Vacation Ideas

header antistress (2)

Do you find yourself thinking I need a life detox? First, put the juice cleanse down. The world is full of wonderful places and amazing people that will help you revitalize, especially If you’ve recently gone through divorce, a big loss or an exhausting routine. Refresh your mind, heal your spirit and boost your energy […]