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Top 10 Staycation To-Do’s

There’s no need to go too far from home to find happiness. In fact, these winter holidays, home is exactly where happiness lives. Besides saving money -lots of it- and precious hours otherwise spent standing in lines, a staycation is the best way to have a relaxing, meaningful time with yourself and your loved ones. […]

6 Ways to Turn Inherited Jewelry Into Meaningful Tributes

Our lost loved ones leave us with many, many things to remember them. Stories, sayings, values, lessons, memories… and in many cases, jewelry. Inherited jewelry can carry a big emotional weight. But what if you could turn your mother’s beloved diamond ring into something that can help you not just remember her, but also honor […]

7 Worthy Women From Rio 2016

Besides the dozens of new records set, these Olympics stand out for introducing to the world some of the most inspiring female athletes. Yes, athletes are also human beings. And behind every champion, there’s a story of working hard, overcoming challenges, dismantling prejudgements and defeating the odds. With the Olympics coming to an end, we […]

Summer Travel Essentials

No matter how high your mileage is, or how many stamps in your passports you can brag about. There’s always THAT thing you forgot to pack. We’ve all been there. That’s why, this summer, we came up with a list of Worthy’s ultimate essentials for a healthy, fun and renewing summer vacation. But it doesn’t […]

Top 5 Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend getaways are the perfect antidote for breakups. We’ve learned it from Carrie Bradshaw: a post-breakup best girlfriends’ honeymoon can help you smile again in a matter of hours. If you or one of your friends have recently gone through a divorce, it might be time to start planning a newly single girlfriends getaway. Even […]

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