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A Fresh Start: Renovating Your Home After Divorce


Divorce is all about change; about closing a stage and opening a new chapter in your life. Staying in the same house you lived in with your ex can be upsetting, with every corner evoking a memory. Switching the photos of the picture frames may not be enough to make your home fit to your […]

5 Top Vacations Your Jewelry Can Buy You


We know that pendant necklace is very meaningful to you. But when was the last time you wore it? They say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. So why not turn your jewelry into an unforgettable vacation? An exclusive cruise on the Caribbean, a delightful tour in Tuscany or a […]

7 Ways Selling Your Unused Jewelry Can Make You Happy

ways your unworn jewelry can make you happy

Pieces of jewelry are often distinguished as priceless family heirlooms with immeasurable sentimental and aesthetic value. Sometimes, however, these items simply collect dust. Whether it’s a gold necklace that’s been sitting in your jewelry box for ten years, or a diamond ring that has never been removed from your safety deposit box, there is a […]

Sponsoring Your Retirement Plans


We’ve all been there… Dreaming about what to do once we’re finally retired. Whether you’re already retired or are almost there, you’re sure to enjoy all the fun things you spent your working days dreaming about. Maybe that’s endless rounds of golf, trips to far away places, or even following your dreams by living aboard […]