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Creating a Plan of Action for Your Divorce


By Karen Bigman   One of the first things I do with clients is create a plan of action. I want to ensure my clients are prepared as best they can to face the divorce process ahead of them. It’s critical to be informed as you negotiate your settlement. Even the most seasoned executive can […]

The Space Between Stimulus and Response


By Dena Landon   Chair pose is rarely anyone’s favorite pose in yoga. It’s the equivalent of a wall-sit in your high school gym class, only you’re leaning your upper body forward slightly and it’s not against a wall. In a recent class, thighs and glutes quivering, I prayed for the teacher to tell us […]

8 Signs You’ve Healed After Your Broken Marriage


By Laura Lifshitz   Healing from a broken marriage requires time, love and patience — to a different degree for each individual. How much time, love and patience you’ll need with yourself to heal really depends on a few things, like:   How positive your outlook is How your mental health is to start, before […]

Is It Really Possible to Have a Stress-Free Divorce?


By Erin Levine   For the last 14 years, I’ve been assisting people transition out of relationships with grit and grace. First, as owner and managing attorney of Oakland-based, Levine Family Law Group, and now I’ve launched Hello Divorce, an online platform offering on demand legal help and wellness support.   The reason I’m a […]

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