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3 Actions to Allow Your Self to Feel Worthy and Exceptional


By Nicole Amaturo   Not feeling worthy comes from a place of not feeling like we are good enough. The first step is to first realize this is one of our false beliefs about ourselves and then just acknowledge it. Just in our awareness of it, we immediately begin the healing process to change. How […]

The Places I Go to Cope With Tough Times


By Laura Lifshitz   We all have tough times in which we feel as if we will never resurface to the other “peaceful” and happy side. We all have times in which the hits seem to keep coming and the hell seems never-ending. It is hard to summon hope and sustain a positive outlook in […]

6 Commonly Asked Divorce & Money Questions Answered


On June 21st, Worthy was invited to take part in a Twitter Chat hosted by Reuters entitled “Managing Wealth Through Divorce”. The conversation is a topical one, being that upcoming changes to tax laws are pushing divorcing couples to make some big decisions when it comes to property, beneficiaries, taxes and estate planning. Worthy was […]

Divorcing in a Second Language? Advice from a Bilingual Lawyer


By Erin Levine   Divorce can be difficult in any language, but divorce in a non-native language can bring its own set of challenges. Legal jargon is difficult for native English speakers, so you can imagine how much more difficult it might be for someone whose native language is not English to follow along in […]