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What We Can Do to Support a Divorced Friend in Need


By Stacey Freeman   It’s been almost seven years since I first separated from my husband. In the time that has passed, I’ve seen and learned a lot, not only about myself but all the people I have encountered who, like me, ended their marriages for one reason or another. And, let me say, there […]

Will Social Security and Medicare Be There When You Need Them?


By Marla Brill   I remember starting my first job in the 1970s as a 16-year-old waitress at a downtown dime store lunch counter. Ever since then, the pleasure of receiving paychecks has been dampened by how much is eaten up by taxes, including Social Security and Medicare. At least, I assured myself over the […]

6 Ways to Create New Thanksgiving Memories Following a Divorce


By Stacey Freeman   The second to last picture we took together as a family was on Thanksgiving. We stood in the doorway of our dining room surrounded by our three children and relatives smiling from ear to ear. We looked happy. I’d venture to say that at the moment, we were happy, the operative […]

Why You Shouldn’t Panic if Your Spouse Talks to a Lawyer


By Erin Levine   On more than one occasion, a new client has contacted my office to book a meeting because they are livid, shocked or upset, having learned that their ex has met with a lawyer. Their minds go immediately to worst-case-scenario situations: they’ve hired a pitbull, they’re going to try to take everything. […]

The Cost of Anxiety and How to Worry Less


By Debbie Reslock   Staring at the ceiling, you’re unable to go back to sleep. Maybe your grown-up son is struggling to find his place in the world. Or you’re afraid your mom is starting to show the first signs of dementia.   These are stress-inducing events that many of us have experienced. But they […]

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