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What’s in a Man’s Jewelry Box?

mans jewelry box

By Hedda Schupak   Years ago, “men’s jewelry” evoked images of a diamond pinky ring and way too many gold chains worn under a polyester shirt opened way too low.   No more. Men, especially younger men, are perfectly comfortable wearing earrings, rings, necklaces, you name it. Having been an editor and analyst in the […]

Three Mistakes Often Made in High Net Worth Divorces

Mistakes Made in High Net Worth Divorces

By Laurie Itkin   Couples who have built up significant wealth during their marriage have a lot at stake when dividing assets in divorce. As a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA), I have worked on over 100 divorce cases either as a financial neutral party to the divorcing parties or as a financial analyst and […]

The Noteworthy Series: Hublot Big Bang Review

hublot big bang

  Founded in 1980, Hublot is a relatively new watchmaker. The brand is based in Nyon, Switzerland, and today, it offers its designs online and in 80 boutiques located in cities all around the world. Hublot isn’t just renowned for its amazing watches – the company is also credited with developing WISeKey, which is a […]

5 Tips To Tidy Up An Estate

5 Tips To Tidy Up An Estate

By Debbie Reslock   Ever since Marie Kondo came on the scene, much has been said about her methods to gain some order in our lives. She believes we shouldn’t mindlessly collect but actually consider the relationship between ourselves and our stuff. The expert at organizing, bestselling author and star of Netflix’s hit show “Tidying […]

What You Need to Know if You Need to Leave Your Marriage Fast

leave a marriage fast

By Elizabeth Degi DuBois, MA and Christy A. Zlatkus, Esquire   There’s a common trope across the globe that women experiencing violence at the hands of their boyfriend or spouse should ‘just leave’. In reality, each year, thousands of women literally die trying to leave abusive spouses. The point of departure can be one of […]

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