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A 5-Step Nighttime Ritual to Renew Your Energy

By Nicole Amaturo

Out with the old, in with the renew! Spring has sprung which means it’s time for new growth and renewing our energy in order to bloom into what we’ve prepared for all winter. Many may have noticed these past few weeks may have brought up some intense emotions. When this happens, we know that we are in the process of leveling up and shifting our energy to prepare for our desires becoming reality.


Our bodies and souls are in sync with the seasons and are blooming right along with the trees and flowers. Think about how much energy a transformation must require. I always think of a cocoon turning into a beautiful butterfly. We must renew our energy each night in order to neutralize it back to a harmonious state that will serve us. We absorb people’s energy each day; with each interaction energy is being exchanged, good or bad. Everything and everyone has their own energy vibration. High vibrational energy is positive while low vibrational energy is negative. Make it your goal to raise your vibration each day in order to grow, transform, heal and create your wildest desires.


I share with you this 5-step ritual that I used every night when I was going through an extremely stressful time in my life. I was getting divorced, which meant that I was shedding all that no longer served me to transform and make room for all that inspired me. This ritual helped me to stay calm, focused, and positive at such an ambiguous time.

Wothy_RenwalDay_Article_0517_Inner_697x465_01_B (1)

1. Cleanse Your Aura: Shower

After a long, stressful day there’s nothing better than a nice, warm shower. Visualize the stress of the day running off your body and watch it go down the drain as you acknowledge it and release it. It’s incredibly uplifting and invigorating! You’ll instantly take a deep sigh of relief.


Salt Baths are also great. Just add 2-3 handfuls of unrefined sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt to your warm bath water. Soak for about 20-30 minutes. It’s grounding and cleanses your energy all at once.


2. Purify your Personal Energy Field: Energy Spray

Every night before I go to bed I spray myself with an energy spray. I use a Sage spray from Shaman’s Dawn. Each spray is hand blended and shamanically blessed with healing energy and intention. You can purchase it here. It helps to renew the energy that you absorbed from the day, as well as cleanse your own space to initiate healing and peace.

Wothy_RenwalDay_Article_0517_Inner_697x465_01_C (1)

3. Connect with your Self: Meditate, Pray, or Journal

Meditation or prayer will allow you to connect back with your Self. Pick the practice that sits with you best. You can visualize a ball of protective white light energy surrounding you keeping you safe. A gratitude journal in which you write a few things that you were grateful for in your day works wonders, as well as a regular journal for you to release the thoughts and emotions that occupied your mind throughout the day. Thoughts and emotions have their own energetic frequency so it’s important to acknowledge and release the ones that don’t serve you. These techniques all set the intention for energy renewal and healing.


4. Raise Your Vibration: Essential Oils

You’ve probably heard of aromatherapy and that’s exactly what essential oils are. Essential oils are a concentrated amount of certain plant parts that have healing properties. In turn, these oils have emotional, physical, and mental healing effects. Certain aromas have certain effects on the physical body. Some create calmness, healing, and some provide energizing, revitalizing effects. It is important to purchase pure essential oils that originate from real plants, as other ones you may purchase at a cheaper price point may be made with chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ therefore it’s essential you protect it. I use Young Living Essential Oils as I know they are pure and potent. If interested, you can purchase them here or contact me for more information.


By using these oils, you are instantly beginning to clear your energy of any negative properties, neutralizing your space, and raising your vibration. When I was going through my divorce, every night before I went to bed I used Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil. It instantly calmed me down, relaxed me, and soothed me before going to sleep each night. Myrrh, Sage, Palo Santo, Cypress, Frankincense, and Cedarwood are all wonderful for clearing negative energy.

Wothy_RenwalDay_Article_0517_Inner_697x465_01_A (1)

5. Empower Yourself: Read

Find an uplifting book to help with whatever your needs are to end your night. The thoughts you have right before bed are the most important ones, as they replay in your unconscious all night long. For me, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay was my drug of choice every night. I would read a chapter each night before bed and it instantly shifted my energy and prepared me for my next day with a positive state of mind knowing I was headed in the right direction. If you’d like other suggestions, feel free to contact me at and I’d be happy to make some other recommendations.


Any type of change can be challenging but this ritual will allow peace and love to take the place of fear. You’ll look forward to your serene nights. The peaceful sleep is just an added bonus to raising your vibration and renewing your energy.

Sell Your Jewelry With Trust
Sell Your Jewelry With Trust

About the author

Nicole Amaturo is a contributor to the Worthy blog. She is a writer, blogger, and Life Coach in Personal Growth from the Monmouth County area in NJ. She specializes in ridding of limiting beliefs and listening to emotions as messengers. Nicole is a divorced mom of three on a mission to share her lessons and help others all around the world. She is also a 7th Grade English teacher and Literacy Coach. Nicole holds a B.A. in Education and Psychology and will have her M.S. in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University in the Spring of 2017. She is certified in Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities program and is an advocate of living each day consciously, authentic to your Higher Self.


Just in time for Renewal Day, life coach Nicole Amaturo brings you the ultimate nighttime ritual to cleanse and boost your energy.
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