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How to Attract Your Perfect Partner

By Nicole Amaturo

Do you truly believe he is out there? Do you believe your perfect partner actually exists? This is the first step in attracting him. If you’re not sure, look at your outside world. What are you attracting? If you’re attracting less than you desire and deserve, then I’d venture to say you don’t believe the man that you want actually exists. If you feel hopeless more often than not, you don’t truly believe he is real. So now what?


We create our love lives through the energy of our thoughts and beliefs. If we continually tell ourselves there are no good guys left or there are no good guys where we live, then we will continually have this belief validated in dates that go nowhere, dead-end booty calls, or just hearing cricket after cricket. If we are conflicted with what we want, then we will send a mixed signal out into the Universe and we will receive mixed signals in the guys we attract and date.


It is important to get clear on what you’re actually looking for in a mate, believe he is out there, create the space for him to enter, both physically and spiritually, first love yourself and feel worthy of him. Then, voila! Just like that, your perfect partner enters. I did these exact things when I was attracting my boyfriend into my life and today we are building our dream life by each other’s side. But, it all started with the energy of a thought and a belief.

How to Begin Attracting Your Perfect Partner Today:


Even if you don’t believe he is out there right now, you want to start training your mind to believe it. You want to begin rewriting a new story for yourself as you see the old one isn’t working. Instead of saying, “There are no good guys left”, switch it around and say, “There’s an abundance of amazing men available to me”. Then, begin to shift your focus to notice all the great men around you already.


Ask & Get Clear

Put in your order. Write a list of all the characteristics that you are looking for in your perfect partner. Decide between needs and wants. The sky is your limit when creating him so go for it all and believe you deserve it.


Trust & Surrender

Trust in a higher power that what you’ve asked for is being delivered to you. Think of it like Amazon. You don’t question whether or not your order is going to appear when you put it in; you just know it will. This is the same. Trust and then get rid of the list that you created safely knowing the Universe received your order and knows better for what you want than you do.


Forgive & Release

Is there someone you still need to forgive and let go of? It’s time to release blame and let them go. They’re taking up space energetically and they are blocking the person who is supposed to be in your life from entering. It’s time to let go of the old to welcome in the new.

What to do with your engagement ring after divorce
What to do with your engagement ring after divorce

Act with Integrity

It’s time to act as if your perfect partner is already here. Would you still engage in unhealthy attachments and casual sex if he was in the picture? It’s time to decide what it is you’re truly looking for and begin playing the part. This means saying no to temptation and keeping your eye on the prize.


Create Space

Start thinking in pairs. What would you have in your room if there were two of you? Begin doing it now before he comes in! Clear out your closet and make space for him. Put a picture up with an adorable couple and rid of your beautiful single girl pics. Begin creating the space and acting as if he is here in physical form before he actually is.


Speak to His Soul

Begin speaking to him daily. Feel his presence in all that you do. Say good morning and good night to him. Bring him everywhere with you and imagine what having him there feels like. Visualize the kind of love you desire.


Become a Match

If you are going to attract your equal, you must first become your own dream love. What are you doing to become a match for your perfect match? If you want someone ambitious and driven, how are you going after your own dreams and goals? If you want someone financially stable, how are you preparing to be financially stable yourself right now? It always starts and ends with you!


If you are going to attract your equal, you must first become your own dream love.


First Love Yourself

Begin falling in love with yourself first before you expect someone else to. Take yourself on a date. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Begin enjoying being alone without being lonely so when someone else does walk into your life, he just adds to your happiness rather than you depending on him for your happiness.

Start manifesting your perfect partner today with Nicole’s 21-day digital course Love in 21, and join her Facebook Group: Manifest Love through Self-Love
About the Author
Nicole Amaturo is a Mindset Coach who helps women all over the world uncover and heal blocks inhibiting them from attracting the love they desire and deserve. Nicole holds a B.A. in Education and Psychology, as well as an M.A. in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University. Nicole is a divorced mom of three on a mission to share her lessons in self-love and worth as the founder of The Free Life with Nicole Amaturo. She is a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer by best-selling author, Mike Dooley, in his program on The Art of Living Your Dreams. Nicole is also a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Writing is Nicole’s second love and is an active contributor to the Worthy blog. Learn more about Nicole here.

We create our love lives through the energy of our beliefs. What do you look for in a partner? Take these steps to attract him into your life!
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