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15 Inspirational Quotes We Love in 2018

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If you have been following Worthy on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know that we love all things inspiring. And quotes aren’t the exception. From changing your perspective on a problem, to simply making your day a little better, words have the power to transform your life. Here are some of the quotes that inspire us every day!

1. Coco Chanel on Self-Confidence

1 (2)
A referent of style and elegance, Coco Chanel’s story is also an example of thriving through adversity. The iconic fashion designer was raised at an orphanage, where she learned how to sew. After a brief career as a singer, Coco opened her first clothes store at age 27. And the rest is history.

2. Mellody Hobson on risk-taking

As the president of an investment firm, Mellody Hobson knows best about risk-taking. Raised by her single mother, it wasn’t a given that the Chicago native would break all stereotypes and be recognized as one of the world’s most influential women. Her hard work and boldness paved the way for her to make it to the boards of companies like Estée Lauder, Starbucks, and DreamWorks.

3. Unknown author on investing in yourself

Speaking of investments and risk-taking, we couldn’t agree more with this quote. If you’re planning, like many of our clients have done, to turn an unworn piece of jewelry into a vacation, here are some ideas of where your jewelry can take you.

4. Beyonce on keeping your head up

2016 that was tough in many ways, for many people, but at least we had Beyonce’s Lemonade. Electrifying and empowering, her ‘Formation’ lyrics and video were a strong message about female empowerment, and most especially, about not letting haters take you down.

5. Martin Buber on the unexpected

5 (2)
We simply loved this quote. Exciting destinations are waiting for you, even those you might not be aware of. Sometimes the path takes unexpected turns, but that doesn’t mean that what’s ahead isn’t worth the walk.

6. Oprah on resilience

We have just so much to learn from Oprah, but perhaps one of her most valuable lessons is on resilience. Her early life was marked by adversity and hardship. But it was the obstacles and failures what helped her become the resilient and empowered person she is today.

7. Serena Williams on pereseverance

7 (1)
It definitely takes a lot of fighting and perseverance to become the number one. Serena Williams is a badass on and off the tennis court. From breaking records to shutting down body-shamers, she’s a complete source of inspiration and motivation for every woman.

8. Unknown author on wanderlust

While the author of this quote is uncertain, its message coudln’t be more true. The more we travel and experience the world, the more we appreciate life and its greatness.

9. Maya Angelou on female solidarity

It’s hard to choose only one quote from Maya Angelou. The American poet, writer and activist is by far one of our favorite and most inspiring worthy women. Because there’s no women empowerment without female solidarity, this is one of the quotes we love the most.

10. Arianna Huffington on following your passion

Speaking of empowered women, Arianna Huffington’s life is a lesson of determination and dedication. The founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global is recognized as one of the most influential women in media. Her achievements are a living proof that you should trust your gut and work towards your dream, despite any fear.

11. Elizabeth Cady Stanton on courage

For a feminist leader in the 19th Century, courage wasn’t a given. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an American activist that initiated the first organized women’s rights movements in the country. Though she didn’t live to see women’s suffrage, her footprint remains.

12. Nora Ephron on empowerment

Only a few writers have such a unique voice like Nora Ephron’s. Her heartwarming stories are filled with inspiring, strong and courageous female characters. Through her scripts and movies, she inspired a whole generation, if not more.

13. Melody Beattie on gratitude

Melody Beattie dedicates her life to help people recovering from addictions through her self-help books. She has experienced many hardships herself, but rather than staying in a negative cycle, she decided to turn her past experience into a tool to help others.

14. John Wooden on optimism

Coach John Wooden’s words are a powerful injection of motivation. We loved this quote because it’s empowering: it’s up to you to see the glass half-full, and even fill it to the top. When you acknowlege your capacity to transform your reality, nothing can stop you.

15. Marianne Williamson on positivity

Marianne Williamson is a #1 New York Times Best Seller author and spitirual teacher. Her words couldn’t be more uplifting. Exactly what we needed as we say goodbye to a year that was rough for many, and welcome a new one that, we hope, will be a joyful one.

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