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You Accept The Love You Think You Deserve


By Desirae Harper   I spent a good chunk of my best life trying to be the perfect girlfriend to selfish little boys who didn’t deserve me on my worst day. When my daughter became a toddler, I realized that she was watching me. Imitating me. Learning from me. When I worked out, she would […]

15 Reasons to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry After Divorce


Ready to move forward with your life? One way to get a jump start is to sell your diamond jewelry after divorce proceedings have been finalized. It can be emotionally taxing to even start thinking about parting ways with your rings and other jewelry that you received during your marriage, but once you stop to […]

The One Change You Need to Make Before Going Out On a Date


By Laura Lifshitz   When it comes to dating, you’re concerned. You have a laundry list of fears. You’re worried about the size of your thighs. You’re worried someone won’t accept your kids. You’re worried you won’t have the time for someone. You’re concerned people will judge you for your divorce. You’re feeling old. Isn’t […]

How to Beat Your Sugar Habit Without Being Miserable


By Dena Landon   I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Cookies, candy, ice cream…I’d often joke that I ate dinner just so I could get to dessert. In the past I’d tried giving up sugar for Lent and failed miserably. Going cold turkey never worked. If I didn’t bring something sweet for me to eat […]

The One Thing You Should Do If You Get Ghosted


By Stacey Freeman   If you’re single, then you’ve likely heard the term “ghosting” before, maybe even been a victim of it. For those of you who haven’t, the word has nothing to do with Halloween and is instead a poor social practice where the person you’re talking to, dating, or having some otherwise romantic […]