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How to Let Go of Single Mom Shame


By Laura Lifshitz   One is the loneliest number, so says the pop song, and as a single parent it can certainly feel like you’re living on a lonely little island at times. It’s not unusual to feel upset or even ashamed that your marriage or partnership didn’t work out and that here you are, […]

How to Tell Your Family you’re Getting Divorced

Worthy_HowToTell_Article_0517_Header_697x283_01 (1)

By Dena Landon   There are phone calls full of excitement and joy – calling my Mom to tell her my boyfriend had proposed, asking my sister to be in my wedding, calls to discuss dresses, catering and planning. And then there are calls you dread – calling your family to tell them it’s over. […]

What Cross-gender Friendships Can Teach Our Kids


By Dena Landon   When he was three years old my son formed a close friendship with another girl in his daycare, Maddy*. Because she was also being raised by a divorced mom, and our weekends aligned, we fell into regular playdates. We’d meet at restaurants on nights we didn’t want to cook and helped […]

Feeling Lonely After Divorce? You’re Not Alone


By Stacey Freeman   One of the most significant challenges you may confront as a result of your divorce is learning how to be alone. Particularly if you’re a parent with joint custody or visitation, this may mean coming home to an empty house on several weeknights and weekends each month, something you may not […]

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