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How to Dress for Divorce Court


By Erin Levine   If you’re reading this post, you are smart and already a step ahead of most going through the divorce process. Really! You know that appropriate attire is necessary for court. But appropriate can mean different things to different people, so I wanted to take a moment to lay out a few […]

7 Signs You’ve Found Long-Term Potential With Someone After Divorce


By Laura Lifshitz   There can be so many dates, start-up relationships, and what appear to be long-term romances that seem to have so much potential, but then completely go bust. This happens a lot after divorce. You’re putting yourself out there and trying after having your marriage end and it’s tough. How do you […]

7 Ways Divorced Women Can Improve Their Financial Situation Now


By Laurie Itkin   Transitioning from married to single life can be challenging, especially with regard to finances. On the positive side, after a divorce you are 100% responsible for every financial decision you make which means you do not need your ex-spouse’s approval on how much you earn, spend or save. Still, this responsibility […]

Healing from Infidelity and Betrayal


By Jennifer Giamo   Feeling betrayed seems to be the natural reaction when infidelity occurs in a marriage. He cheats, he lies, you fall apart and all trust is broken. Being unfaithful to your partner, disregarding your vows and not honoring your marriage are more than horrifying displays of poor judgement; in my opinion, they […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Tell Life F U and Laugh


By Laura Lifshitz   Life loves to hand out lemons. Whether you’re rich or poor, young or old, male or female or whatever you choose to identify as, I can guarantee you that life will send some lemons your way, for sure.   And let’s be real: when you’ve gone through a divorce you sort […]

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