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Moments From a Kickass Day


By Emma Johnson   Many writers equate launching a book to giving birth, and having catapulted The Kickass Single Mom into the world last week (plus, having had two actual, human babies of my own), I get it.   While my agent, publicists, and other team members are waiting on pins and needles for sales […]

Why I’m Thankful for my Moments at the Bottom


By Laura Lifshitz   It is really hard to think optimistically when things aren’t going your way. Especially when this happens for more than a day, a week, a few months or even a year. It’s very easy to believe that your projected life outlook is going to be “utter crap” when it seems as […]

Thriving at Work as a Single Mom


By Dena Landon   “I can’t work late tonight, I have C,” I told my boss, choking the words out through a throat clogged with fear.   He looked up from his computer, face tightening in irritation. “Can you take your laptop home with you?”   My kid regularly climbs out of bed, particularly after […]

6 Reasons to Embrace Minimalism in Retirement


The theory and practice of minimalism is gaining popularity amongst younger generations, who often find that having a lot of “stuff” has little bearing on their true happiness. This is essentially what minimalism is: the idea that a simpler life with fewer possessions allows us to enjoy it to a higher degree. The notion has […]

Is Being a Single Mom a Blessing or a Burden?


By Stacey Freeman   Earlier this summer, I wrote an article I titled 9 Qualities a Single Mom Embodies That Make Her a Real-Life Wonder Woman, which quickly took on a life of its own. Based on the thousands of readers who liked and commented on it, it appears that many single moms agree that […]