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5 Fresh Ways to Approach Dating


By Laura Lifshitz   Dating can get staid and stressful. Getting out there time and again to keep coming back empty-handed in terms of finding a great partner is discouraging. Trying to even get the guts up to date can also be really hard for some people after divorce. But if love and happiness with […]

Not So Random Acts of Kindness


By Dena Landon   I just broke down crying in an airport bathroom. Not the most embarrassing place I’ve cried since leaving my ex-husband – work bathrooms, the gym shower, my car, the therapist’s couch…Already a crier, I turned into a watering pot during and after my divorce. I’ve been a lot stronger lately, though, […]

Surviving the Everyday When Divorce Makes Life a Disaster


By Audrey Cade   Divorce is like a sucker punch! We’re caught off guard by the blow about to knock us to the ground, then–Wham! While dizzily watching stars circle above, as in a cartoon, the thought occurs: “I don’t know if I can move, let alone get up; but, I have to somehow pick […]

6 Things That Keep You from Moving On


By Laura Lifshitz   Are you separated? Newly-divorced? Struggling to find some happiness and a life of peace and joy? There are certain things that will hold you back from having the life you want. Some of these things you may not even realize are impacting you, whereas others may be more obvious.   If […]