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No, I’m Not Buying My Ex a Father’s Day Gift from Our Children


By Stacey Freeman   It’s less than a week before Father’s Day, and I can overhear my two daughters in the next room discussing what gifts they’re going to give their dad. They don’t include me in the conversation; they’re 17 and 16. Their plans don’t involve me. My older daughter drives and they each […]

How I Discovered Happiness After My Divorce

How I Discovered Happiness After My Divorce

By Stacey Freeman   If you are going through a divorce, you are probably receiving a lot of advice from well-meaning family and friends, which probably includes some of my favorite words of wisdom: “You need to take care of yourself.” I bet sometimes that platitude even comes with a sympathetic pat on the back […]

6 Tips for Maximizing an Unexpected Inheritance


By Marla Brill   Over the next several decades Americans can expect to receive over $30 trillion from inheritances. Whether the size of an estate is $100,000 or $20 million, unanticipated wealth often leaves heirs with immediate responsibilities such as organizing paperwork or paying bills, as well as longer-term investment decisions. If you’ve recently come […]

What Doing Yoga Taught Me About Comparing Myself to Others


By Dena Landon   As a newbie to the freelancing world, I’m still getting used to lulls in between assignments. This last month I haven’t had an office gig, so I’ve been going to yoga a minimum of twice a week. My chaturanga have been growing stronger and more controlled. Boat pose still sucks, but […]

Is There a Right Way to Break Up?


By Stacey Freeman   Some of us, including yours truly, occasionally engage in activities that make a breakup harder, prolong pain, and hinder our ability to move forward. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the dumper, the one who got dumped or, as a result of one or numerous failed reconciliation attempts, both as […]