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5 Excuses You’re Making That Hold You Back


By Laura Lifshitz   You’ve been wanting to achieve a goal…but you just haven’t. You’ve been meaning sell your old engagement ring after the divorce…but you just haven’t. Everyone you’ve dated isn’t right or you’ve been settling…you say you’ll change…but you just haven’t. Whether it’s as big as finalizing your divorce or as small as […]

How Style Can Tell a Generation’s Story


By Debbie Reslock   Fashion plays a strong role in our lives, even for those who believe they’re beyond its reach. Because whether you follow the latest trends, protest against them or land somewhere in the middle, it expresses who you are and the times you live in.   I saw this first hand growing […]

Friends After Divorce: Some Stay, Some Go (and It’s Okay)


By Jennifer Giamo   If you were married for any length of time, chances are you and your spouse had many friends in common. Your friends became his, and vice versa. So what happens to these friendships when the common thread tying them together unravels? Most likely, there are choices to be made on both […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Financial) Things


By Erin Levine CEO, Hello Divorce, Co-Founder, Love and Real Life   So, divorce is complicated. (I know what you’re thinking: No sh*t, Sherlock!) But in my experience, the most complicated, often most contentious and certainly most confusing part of divorce has to do with finances and how to equitably separate everything – from assets […]

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