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Redesign Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

Redesign Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

Because wedding and engagement rings are so symbolic, and because they often evoke difficult emotions, many people hide them in jewelry boxes when a relationship has ended. Out of sight, out of mind! Once some time has passed, it’s time to make new memories – and when you redesign old jewelry, those diamonds, precious stones, […]

Doing It All: 7 Small Ways Single Moms Can Keep Their Sanity


By Maryalene LaPonsie   When you had your child, you probably dreamed of having a partner by your side. However, for one reason or another, you now find yourself marking milestones alone.   Four years ago, my husband died of cancer. During his illness, I had a lot of time to prepare for the prospect […]

The Balancing Act of Womanhood

Worthy_BalancingWomanhood_Article_0617_Header_697x283 (1)

By Audrey Cade   The clock advances at an unrelenting pace as I print and sign a stack of papers to prepare them for submission to my boss. If I miss my deadline, a child with disabilities goes without the night nurse she needs to keep her safe and happy at home, instead of in […]

Is Therapy Worth The Money? (Yes, and Here’s Why)

Is therapy worth the money? (Yes, and here's why)

By Dena Landon   $150 an hour. How much is your sanity worth? For those of us who can add up the amount we spent on legal fees and settlements perhaps the answer is “a lot.” Spending more money on a therapist while still dealing with the financial aftermath of divorce may seem irresponsible or […]