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8 Ways Divorce Is a Gift

8-ways-divorce-is-a-gift-header (1)

By Karen Bigman   With the holidays approaching many of you going through the process of divorce have particular agita imagining what will happen when you spend the first Christmas or Hanukkah without your kids. It takes a lot of time to adjust to life when a traditional two-parent family is no longer intact. The […]

6 Ways I Transitioned Into a New Career Following My Divorce


By Stacey Freeman   The ink was not yet dry on my divorce decree when I began seriously thinking about returning to work. Nearly two decades earlier I had graduated from law school but opted into an alternative field in retail and fashion following graduation, never practicing law. Then, just as my career began gaining […]

Are Diamonds a Divorced Girl’s Best Friend?


By Stacey Freeman   When I separated from my husband (once my high school sweetheart) a few months after my 39th birthday following 16 years of marriage, I had almost no dating experience to call on. And what little I did have was from so long ago that I pretty much rendered it useless. After […]