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What the Women I Grew Up With Taught Me


By Debbie Reslock   We didn’t get here by ourselves. Women who have encouraged and inspired us are many. They may be walking with us today or are those whose shoulders we stand upon. When I look to those I admire, some are famous, others are public figures and not surprisingly, there are writers. But […]

A Love Letter to My Inner Child


By Nicole Amaturo   If I told you that you have this 7-year-old little girl running your whole life, would everything start to make a little more sense? She has all these interpretations about how the world works by what she experienced as a little girl. She received messages and her child-like mind ran with […]

Why Your Divorce Is The Wake Up Call You Never Knew You Needed


By Audrey Cade   I watched a terrible car accident right outside of my house on Christmas Eve. Three cars, all likely headed to family celebrations, too hurriedly tried to make it through the intersection at my corner and slammed into one another. In a cringe-worthy grinding of brakes, scraping metal, and the boom of […]

Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney: What You Need to Know


Before you can choose the right estate planning attorney, you need to be clear on what an estate plan is. An estate plan is essentially a detailed set of documents and instructions for the transfer of your assets after you pass – and the management of those assets should you become incapacitated.   Estate planning […]

4 Financial Must-Do’s After You Sign Your Divorce Papers


By Laurie Itkin   According to a 2016 report by the National Institute on Retirement Security, women over 65 are 80% more likely to be impoverished than men of the same age. Although you might not be hitting age 65 for a long time, now is just the time to take four important steps that […]