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When I Realized a Diamond Isn’t Always Forever


By Stacey Freeman Never in a million years did I think I would be divorced. Not me. Not us. Even when my husband announced nearly five years ago that he was leaving me – that he was “done” with our marriage – I still didn’t believe it. But once I learned he had moved on […]

Worthy Spotlight Series: Prill Boyle


In this series, we put the spotlight on some of the most admirable women out there. Women with empowering stories to share. Inspiring, worthy women. In this first edition, meet Prill Boyle, author of the book Defying Gravity: A Celebration of Late-Blooming Women. Read and share with worthy women around you! How did you find […]

Introducing The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship


  Every day, we work hard towards the mission of helping women get a fresh start. We take pride in helping them sell their diamond jewelry in the most secure, fast and hassle-free way. Our auction platform allows them to receive the best price the market can offer for their diamond ring, helping them to […]

Top 5 Affordable Vacations for Single Moms


As hard as it sounds, your first holiday as a single-parent can be the time of your and your kids’ lives. With around a quarter of American families headed by single moms, affordable vacation options for one-parent families are multiplying. Keep reading to find out the top single parent vacations 2017 has to offer! Get […]