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When Lawyers Act Like Humans


By Erin Levine   Could it be that those of us who took the road more traveled are actually doing our soul’s work? Even when it wasn’t a conscious choice?   What motivates us to do the type of work that we do? I grew up with the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality: you don’t […]

How Divorce Became My Financial Escape Hatch


By Audrey Cade   In a life that is now, thankfully, in my past (thanks to divorce!), my financial situation was a hot mess! My ex-husband and I squeaked by paycheck-to-paycheck, we survived just a little too much on credit cards, and never managed to save any money for vacations or rainy days. I recall […]

Don’t Assume I Don’t Want to Talk About My Divorce


By Dena Landon   The holidays might have been awkward for you if it was your first post-split holiday season. After most major life events–everything from graduating college to having a baby–distant family members want to talk about it. It’s easy pickings when trying to make small talk with someone you may only see once […]

Celebrity Moms Jewelry Style


Personalized jewelry is a lovely way to celebrate motherhood. And, as we’ve learned from some of our favorite celebrities, it can also be trendy, fashionable, and the perfect complement to just about any outfit! Looking for some celebrity moms jewelry inspiration? Scroll down and pick your favorite style!   Kate Middleton’s Mommy Necklace The Duchess […]