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Managing Holidays in Separation and Divorce


By Cherie Morris, CDC Certified Divorce Coach   Perhaps you’ve just separated. Or, maybe you’re in the middle of a difficult divorce. It’s even possible you’ve been divorced for a while but are still negotiating holidays with a difficult ex-spouse. In any of these scenarios, you may anticipate the upcoming season with dread instead of […]

To the Men Who Weren’t Worthy: Thank You


By Laura Lifshitz   When I was little, I used to spend a lot of time alone or with my mom. My sisters were considerably older than I was—5.5, 7 and almost 10 years older—so that meant it was either solo play or hang with Mom.   I used to sit and listen to her […]

A Kickass Single Mom’s Big Trip to New York City


By Janelle Johnson, winner of the Kickass Single Mom sweepstakes   So, apparently, I’m a kickass single mom! It’s not a moniker I would have chosen for myself. I view myself more as a work-in-progress single mom or a take it day by day single mom. I’m not perfect, and I definitely don’t have it […]

How I’m Raising My Son to Be a Feminist


By Stacey Freeman   Feminism can mean many things, depending on who you ask. Underlying every discussion and debate is the premise that women should enjoy the same privileges and rights men do. In a world where women continue to statistically earn less than their male counterparts, fill fewer seats in Congress, are more likely […]

4 Worthy Gifts I Received From My Stepkids


By Audrey Cade   Every relationship we form serves a purpose in our life. Some relationships become partnerships for practical reasons. Some relationships are pure pleasure. Some bonds are magical and a connection of spirits, like the kinship between best friends, and some relationships take time to develop in strength and depth. Without a doubt, […]