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Confessions of a Former Runner


By Jennifer Giamo   My first marathon was in New York City in 1999 and my last was that same race in 2012. I sustained a back injury which led to the demise of my favorite form of exercise. I was devastated. Sidelined from one of my most cherished activities and faced with (what seemed […]

Selling Inherited Jewelry: What I Wish I’d Known


By Marla Brill   In a recent Worthy blog, “Overcoming Inheritor’s Guilt,” I wrote about the conflicting feelings that often accompany inheriting assets from a loved one. This is especially true when jewelry passes from one generation to the next.   Bank and brokerage accounts are numbers on paper while rings, necklaces and other types […]

4 Tips to Plan a Fun Getaway with Your Kids


By Audrey Cade   My kids will be out of school in about a month–I can’t believe it! I’m a planner by nature, so my annual tradition in April and May is to start planning what to do with my kids over the summer.   While I know my kids will enjoy sunny days at […]

Letting Go Of What I Fought Hard To Keep


By Dena Landon   From the beginning of my divorce I knew I wanted to keep the house. The downpayment had come from an inheritance I’d received from my mother’s estate, which meant that part of the asset was considered non-marital property. All major repairs and property improvements had come from that inheritance. Since we’d […]

Why I’m Friends With My Ex-Mother in Law After Divorce


By Dena Landon   At the end of July, I’m taking my son on a family vacation. We’re going to spend the week at a vacation home on the Texas coast. He’s looking forward to riding down the boardwalk in a golf cart, building sandcastles with his uncle, and sleeping in a bunk bed. My […]

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