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#tbt: Top 10 Featured Throwback Auctions in July

#tbt: Top 10 Featured Throwback Auctions in July

Here at Worthy, one of our favorite things to do is to take a walk down fashion’s memory lane when exploring our recent auctions. While we do receive some lovely antique and vintage pieces, there are plenty of jewelry items that take us back to the not so distant past as well. And in July, we received a number of pieces that threw us back to an earlier, sparklier time.

Sell Your Jewelry With Trust

Sell Your Jewelry With Trust

Although we are almost 100 years away from the roaring 20s, Art Deco designs continue to inspire us in all sorts of ways and a few made their way into last month’s auctions. These Gatsby-esque pieces range from elegant and tasteful to over the top and we couldn’t help but ogle them as they came in. Our favorites included the Tiffany rose cut eternity band and the three stone modified brilliant cut cluster ring pictures below.


Fast forward to the 1980s and 90s where chunky fine jewelry had its heyday. We certainly had some lovely nostalgic moments when we saw the diamond and gold necklace and bracelet pictured below.


Browse through some of our favorite auctions from July this #tbt and if there is something in your own jewelry box that’s gone out of fashion or grown out use, why not sell it on our online auction platform and replace it with something you really love?


  1. GIA 0.74 CT Round Cut Bridal Set, sold at auction for $1,518.


  3. Round Cut Link Bracelet, sold at auction for $3,397.


  5. 0.45 CT Round Cut Necklace, sold at auction for $1,070.


  7. Rose Cut Eternity Tiffany & Co. Band, sold at auction for $2,500.


  9. Chopard 911 531158 Watch, sold at auction for $1,600.


  11. GIA 1.48 CT Round Cut Modified Brilliant Cut Central Cluster Ring, sold at auction for $4,902.


  13. Round Cut Drop Earrings, sold at auction for $2,204.


  15. Antique Round Cut Collar Necklace and Earrings Set, sold at auction for $1,140.


  17. GIA 1.17 CT Bridal Set Ring, sold at auction for $2,313.


  19. Round Cut Stud Earrings, sold at auction for $1,1080.

Some of our favorite items from our July auctions were major throwbacks. Take a look through 10 of our best pieces from last month.
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