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The Balancing Act of Womanhood

By Audrey Cade

The clock advances at an unrelenting pace as I print and sign a stack of papers to prepare them for submission to my boss. If I miss my deadline, a child with disabilities goes without the night nurse she needs to keep her safe and happy at home, instead of in a hospital.


No pressure.


Meanwhile, on the back burner of my brain, I’m starting to sweat a little, wondering if I remembered to turn on the crockpot for tonight’s dinner. If not, I’ll face a stand-off with six hungry kids and my husband who will expect a delicious “plan B” to rapidly grace the dinner table before their bellies start to growl too much.


I got this!


Oh, and I really should get gas tonight or I’ll never make it to drop the kids off at camp bright and early tomorrow morning! Did I buy enough sunscreen and bug repellant for them? What if it rains and is cold again next week? Did I pack the right kind of clothes?


Deep breath. I’ll figure it out tonight when they go to bed!


Oh, yea, Father’s Day is Sunday! Do I have time to order something? No, I do not! Okay, what incredibly thoughtful present can I think up at the last minute? And, we should bake a cake and think of something fun to do together.


I’m on it! I’ll just add that to the list behind grocery shopping, getting my haircut, and getting caught up on the laundry. I really should find time to work out, while I’m at it!


It’s my birthday on Sunday, too.


Oh, well. Who cares about me so long as everyone else gets what they need! Right?


Such is the brain — and life — of a woman!


Women are masters of expertly keeping many balls balanced in midair. Career. Family. Love. Health. Money. Responsibility. Joy. We tend to make it look effortless as we have a conversation whilst bagging up children’s lunches, checking today’s schedule at work, and throwing another load of clothes in the dryer.


We women have the capability of grasping multiple tasks, as if blessed with the eight arms of an octopus; yet, we only have two. The sheer volume we accomplish with two hands and only 24 hours in a day is purely remarkable!


One might say “there’s nothing a woman can’t do, once she puts her mind to it!”


The question is: “is it too much?”


No doubt that women can rise to the task to move mountains, just the same as we can kiss boo-boo’s, rule the boardroom, or slay in the bedroom!


My question for you: “is one of those balls in orbit above your lovely head for you?”


Do you take time for yourself? Are you too accustomed to making sure everyone else’s needs are met at the expense of your own? What do you do to take care of yourself so that you remain strong enough to look after everyone else’s needs?


Ladies, I urge you to find balance! Continue to be the sun to your universe, as only a woman can; but, do me a favor and:

  • Say “yes” more often when someone extends an offer of help.

  • Say “no” more often when you already have too much on your plate.

  • Treat yourself to something just for you instead of always putting yourself last.

  • Get a goodnight’s rest.

  • Get a mammogram.

  • Take care of your body.

  • Cut yourself some slack because you can’t always do it all, and it won’t always be perfect!

  • Allow yourself time for an activity that brings you joy and rejuvenation.

  • Be at peace with good enough, because when it comes down to it, it is!


Women will always remain a marvel of nature. We’re strong, smart, beautiful, resourceful, and the glue that holds everyone else together. Even a heroine has to put her feet up now and then or focus on meeting her needs. Make a promise to yourself to give the respect and love that you earn everyday back to yourself because you’re the best and WORTHY of the best!

About the Author
Audrey Cade is the author of “Divorce Matters: help for hurting hearts and why divorce is sometimes the best decision” (on Amazon) and the matriarch of a blended family of eight. She is an experienced “divorce warrior” in the areas of co-parenting, step parenting, parental alienation, and re-marriage, and enjoys sharing these experiences with others who are also committed to raising happy and healthy kids. Audrey’s professional experience is as a case manager social worker with the developmentally disabled, families with young children, and homeless populations. She holds degrees in Early Childhood Education, Human Service & Management, and a Master’s in Psychology. She enjoys family outings, a variety of arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, and writing. She is a featured blogger for Divorced Moms, has work regularly appearing on Divorce Force, and articles appearing in Step Mom Magazine, The Good Men Project, and others.

There’s nothing a woman can’t do, once she puts her mind to it. The question is: “is it too much?”
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