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Top 6 Adventure Destinations for the Happily Retired

Retired globetrotters seek out special adventures wherever they are, and are eager to experience something foreign compared to their daily lives. You might be one of them. Even if you no longer want to risk life and limb climbing a cliff face, canyoneering through a glacial river, hang-gliding over a valley or chopping your way through a dense jungle, you can still get the most from your travels. Many have discovered the benefits of cleaning house and using their hard-earned money to see the world. Investing in an adventurous retirement returns priceless experiences and memories, after all.


Retirees with a desire to take the reins can find excitement around the world, but they need to know where to look. These options combine the thrills of an adventure we might have faced during our wilder years, but take it a bit easier on all involved. Don’t be one of those people crammed on a bus full of tourists – do something different that you will remember for the rest of your life.
Take to the Plains - 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

Take to the Plains

A safari adventure is a great trip idea for those who want an enlightening trek in the wild. From the safety of a jeep convoy and escorted by rangers who know their territory well, you can observe the rarest of game and explore the land of the lions. There are many countries that offer such a trip, including Swaziland and Lesotho, and each has a different variety of wildlife. After an expedition on the plains, go back to the hotel and enjoy your comfortable accommodations and a hot meal – and go in search of a different animal the next day.
Havana, Cuba. 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

Visit a Country Stuck in Time

Recently open to the public after the teardown of a decades-long embargo with the US, Cuba is now a hot destination for people with an adventurous spirit and lots of free time. Many airlines have recently opened routes to Cuba from American hubs, and if you get a ticket, what awaits deserves at least a couple weeks. Due to the embargo, Cuba remained frozen in time for more than 60 years, complete with still-in-use classic automobiles, crumbling yet beautiful architecture, and a culture that’s been perfectly preserved. For retirees who love cigars, seeing vehicles that have since disappeared, dancing with their partner, and eating authentic local food, Cuba is ideal.
Alaska Cruise. 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

Explore the Wild, Sleep in Luxury

A cruise to Alaska is a great idea for vacationers who want luxurious nights and adventurous days. A cruise ship is a wonderland of relaxation and amenities, and once it docks in Alaska, the boat’s passengers are let loose upon a still-untamed wilderness. These trips can be as leisurely or exciting depending on an individual’s preferences. Take part in an excursion over ancient glaciers as the birds of prey soar overhead, travel to small Alaskan villages, explore enormous waterfalls and geysers, and observe the state’s diverse wildlife with a personal tour guide. After the day’s adventures have wrapped up, return to the ship for a gourmet meal once you’ve expended all your energy.
Napa Valley. 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

For the Bacchanalian Among Us

One excellent adventure idea comes courtesy of California’s Napa Valley, but the best part is that there is no supervision required. A couple who loves wine can easily plan a multi-week itinerary for Napa, which would likely include a rental car, several boutique hotel arrangements, and a long drive down the famous valley. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Californian wine country, but you must remember to stop at all the many famous wineries on your route and do a taste test at each, and of course enjoy all the fine dining options available when hunger sets in. Each destination on the trail provides you with an opportunity to get a glimpse of charming California country life, sample the food and drink, and then drive (safely) to the next spot.
Sedona, Arizona. 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

Bask in the Glow of Arizona

By far the best climate of the bunch, Arizona’s arid and warm weather makes for a perfect trip. In Sedona, there are ancient and gargantuan rock formations for exploration, excellent bird watching, and breathtaking views. As the sun goes down, the rocks and rolling plains change color by the minute, exhibiting a palate full of reds, purples, pinks and greens. In addition, Jeep tours are easily accessible and are a great day-trip idea. When you’ve had your fill of hiking and nature, you can access the pampering services available from some of the best spas in the whole country.
New Zealand. 6 Adventure Vacations to Jump Start Your Retirement

New Zealand, Old Earth

Traveling around New Zealand inspires awe at the power of Mother Earth. Every natural wonder in the country is on a scale of its own, and they don’t require a deep or tiresome trek into the wild to observe. It’s easy to explore the beautiful, temperate country by train, coach, and car before ending a day at one of dozens of charming local bed and breakfasts. Once you’ve had enough of the country’s vast green landscapes, Queenstown provides a modern home base overlooking the crystal-clear Lake Wakatipu, a breathtaking body of water that offers its own adventures. Here you can wash the dirt off from your journey with a spa treatment, have a nice dinner in a local winery, or enjoy stargazing.
About Worthy

Worthy is dedicated to helping retirees and people from all walks of life to safely sell the possessions that they’ve collected over time, especially their precious, yet unused jewelry. We offer free shipping, complimentary professional grading from IGI or GIA, and a prominent listing on our platform. Learn here how we help our clients sell their no-longer-needed jewelry in a safe environment.


The world belongs to the courageous ones! Make the best out of retirement at these exciting adventure destinations.
The world belongs to the courageous ones! Make the best out of retirement at these exciting adventure destinations.
The world belongs to the courageous ones! Make the best out of retirement at these exciting adventure destinations.
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