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Send my diamond in the mail? Are you crazy?!

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We get it. Shipping your diamond ring sounds quite unsettling. These women were also skeptical about sending their items through the mail. Keep reading to see how their experience turned out.

One of our clients, Sissy Williams, got a new wedding ring in December 2014. Since then, she had been trying to sell her old diamond wedding ring set. After receiving low offers for her ring, she found Worthy. At first, she was dubious, but seeing our certifications and our Seller Protection Guarantee encouraged her to go on. In her February 2016 review, after her successful auction, she said: “I found and was a bit skeptical but their A+ rating with the BBB and the fact that they insured my ring for shipping, calmed my fears.” She ended up selling her diamond bridal set for more than she expected, and having “a wonderful and professional experience from beginning to end”.

Jeani Delagardelle was also doubtful about selling her ring online. But our account managers smoothed the path for her. In her own words: “I was very skeptical at first but I had a great experience and Ashley and Neil were very responsive along the way”. She successfully sold her princess cut diamond ring in March 2016. She feels that she “got more than a fair price for my ring and now it is no longer sitting on my ring holder gathering dust!”.

In her testimonial video, Minnie Dubois, who sold a diamond ring on, says that she was “a little leery about sending my valuables through the mail”. But the constant contact with our client success agents set her at ease. She continues, “my point of contact was Jay, he made me feel comfortable and safe from start to finish.” She was able to sell her diamond ring and with the money, she took a well-deserved trip to Miami!

Yolanda Everett Bell sold her princess cut solitaire ring in January 2016. She was also a little skeptical at first “because it seemed too good to be true”. She wanted to sell some rings that didn’t hold emotional value anymore when she came across with Worthy on Facebook. After overcoming her fears, she was very pleased with her experience: “I was so amazed how easy and simple the process was. (…) It was the best process I’ve ever experienced”, she says in her review.

Likewise, Missy Enzor Kimbro says “I was skeptical at the thought of shipping my jewelry to just ‘someone on the phone’, but Malcolm made me feel like I could trust the process and I’m so glad I did!”. Her auction process was quick and easy and she plans to use again in the future.

We hear you.

We understand that sending your valuables in the mail can be worrisome. That’s why we make sure that the process of selling your diamond jewelry is seamless. We take all the necessary precautions so that you enjoy your peace of mind every step of the way.


By providing you with a prepaid FedEx shipping label and a velvet pouch to protect your diamond during shipment, coordinating courier pick-ups at your convenience, and insuring your item at 150% of its value with UPS Capital Insurance, a globally trusted name in shipment insurance, we provide you the most secure and hassle-free way to sell your diamond jewelry online.

Click here to see more client reviews.

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  1. Yuan says:

    Hi Worthy,

    Good to see your full experience on sending diamond via mail, but i wonder it is not working if abroad, i had been asking such question many times, there was no proper answer come to me, so i still dont know how to sell items from other contries.

    • weditor says:

      Hi Yuan, We are sorry to hear that your inquiry was not properly answered. At this time, we are only serving customers in the United States. If you have a close relative or colleague who is willing to receive your valuable in the States, we can pick up the process from there, and provide fully insured shipping, a complimentary grading report and a personalized auction. You can be in touch with us at for further assistance. Thanks! The Worthy Team

  2. Doreen Broad says:

    I have a solataire Tanzanite ring insured 3 years ago for £4200 and would like to sell it

    • weditor says:

      Hi Doreen, We are currently only holding auctions for diamonds, diamond jewelry and watches. Due to low demand in our marketplace, we’ve suspended gemstone auctions until further notice. Thank you for your interest in Worthy and we wish you the best of luck in selling your Tanzanite ring!

  3. marie dubreuil says:

    I sent pictures..descriptions etc but never heard back..

  4. Deedee says:

    How do I know that my diamond is not swapped with a lesser valued diamond and sent back to me.? Really I am serous, it does happen even at jewelry stores. I’d love to sell an diamond ring I have last appraise at $6,000????

    • Worthy Team says:

      Hi Deedee, Your concerns are certainly understandable, especially when working with an online company. That is why we provide a fully insured and transparent process. When your ring arrives at our headquarters, it is unpacked under surveillance and tracked for the entirety of the process. Even better, all diamonds auctioned are graded at one of the top three gemological labs in the country and assigned a number and full report that is also tracked by the lab. If the offers at auction fall below the minimum that you set, you can ask to have your ring returned and we will send it back to you fully insured. As you can see, swapping out diamonds is not in our best interest and there is simply no room in the process to do so! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with us by calling 1(888)222-0208. In the meantime, check out our video tour of our headquarters:

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