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What's My Diamond Worth?

It’s hard to know what a diamond is really “worth”. We all know how much it costs, but a diamond’s market worth is more complicated to determine, especially when it comes time to resell it. See below for some of the basics in diamond evaluation.

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Carat weight

This is the most basic and familiar aspect of diamond value, referring to the weight of the diamond. 1 carat = .2 grams.

Color grade

Color grades are based on being completely void of color (D) or having a yellow tone (Z). Fancy colored diamonds have a color scale of their own from ‘faint’ to ‘fancy deep’.

Cut grade

A diamond’s cut quality is based on the difference between the thickest and thinnest points on a scale and how light is distributed throughout the stone. Grading scale: Fair - Excellent.

Clarity grade

Based on the presence or absence of internal flaws, a diamond without blemishes is “internally flawless (IF)” while a diamond with visible inclusions is marked as “I1”.

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The Importance of Grading

When re-selling or insuring a diamond, it is in your best interest to have a diamond grading report from a reputable lab. The Gemological Institute of America is the industry’s leading lab, setting diamond grading standards worldwide. A diamond that is GIA-graded can typically demand higher market prices.

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