Sell Your Diamond Jewelry from Any US State

Last updated: December 31, 2019

Here at Worthy we are proud to provide a trustworthy solution for people selling their diamond jewelry from across the United States. We help our customers get better offers for their unworn jewelry using our unique auction platform.








New Jersey

New York




Why Sell Your Jewelry With Worthy?

Besides the opportunity to receive an improved price for your item, there are many reasons why one would prefer selling their diamond jewelry with Worthy:

: At all times, sellers using Worthy are insured against damage and theft for the value of their item. We pay for insured FedEx shipping for when the jewelry is in transit to our facilities or the buyer.

Privacy: All customer financial and personal information is thoroughly protected.

Transparency: From the moment your diamond ring or necklace leaves your hands it is fully guaranteed by us. Furthermore, you are kept well-informed throughout the entire process. From shipping, to grading, to photography and its eventual listing on the auction platform, customers have thorough knowledge of how their item is being handled.

Objectivity: At Worthy, we never seek to assign an item’s value. Instead, we allow professional photography, gem grading, weights and nuanced details to speak to an item’s actual value. Buyers who can see the true value of something are more likely to place confident bids, meaning more cash in the seller’s hands.

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