Best Places to Sell Jewelry in Atlanta

Last updated: December 10, 2020
Sell Jewelry in Atlanta
For many years, women would keep unworn jewelry in the back of drawers or forgotten jewelry boxes. But that’s all changing. While jewelry certainly has a special place in our lives, the cash value of exquisite jewelry is far more practical. Nowadays, women are deciding to sell jewelry to diamond dealers and local jewelry stores to finance important purchases. These include paying down college loans, a new car or a well-deserved vacation. There are many reasons you may wish to sell jewelry, including unwanted engagement rings. Whatever your reasons for selling jewelry, it’s important that you get the best price from a jewelry buyer. In Atlanta, there are many reputable options, including Worthy. 


Local Atlanta Jeweler – Many find that a local jewelry store is rather limited in its ability to provide a fair market price. Paying a competitive price of pre-owned jewelry is not profitable for brick and mortar store owners as they need to markup the jewelry for retail sale. Finding a jeweler near you that will offer you a fair price is possible, but requires a lot of time and efforts in research.
Online – An alternative is to sell your jewelry from the comfort of your home. Worthy is an online auction house for pre-owned diamond jewelry. With Worthy, you can get a free estimate, fully insured secure shipping, GIA grading, a professional photo shoot of your item, and access to a network of hundreds of diamond buyers willing to compete for your jewelry. Start by describing your jewelry to us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Worthy offers a secure and simple way to sell your jewelry. The auction platform makes it so easy to access a nationwide network of buyers from the comfort of your home in Atlanta. See how you can sell jewelry online with Worthy.
  1. Get A Trending Price –  Describe your diamond jewelry and Worthy will show you the trending price of similar items so that you get an idea of what you can get for it at auction.
  2. Schedule a FedEx Pickup – We send you a fully insured prepaid shipping label that is addressed to our headquarters in New York City. Your jewelry will be fully insured against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters.
  3. Grading & Auction Preparation –  To make sure buyers have all the necessary information to compete for the item, all jewelry on the Worthy auction platform is graded at GSI labs or at GIA. This results in a diamond grading e-report. In addition, we also clean and take high-definition photographs of your jewelry.
  4. The Auction – Worthy invites interested jewelry buyers to place bids on your high-end jewelry. The diamond grading report presents buyers with the technical specifications of the diamonds in your jewelry. During the auction, you can watch the auction map live to see the bids coming in.
  5. Get Paid – f the highest bid meets or exceeds the reserve price that you set, you will receive your payment ASAP. If not, you reserve the right to have your jewelry returned to you fully insured and free of charge.


Here at Worthy, we showcase your item to jewelry buyers located not just in Atlanta, but across the whole country. We only work with fully-vetted jewelry buyers. We screen all our buyers to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your jewelry items and can, ultimately, make good on the bids they place on your jewelry. All our buyers are credible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable of the jewelry industry.  Our auctions are primarily focused on engagement rings, wedding rings, watches, and loose diamonds. 

Sell Diamond Jewelry in Atlanta


If you are looking to sell estate jewelry in Atlanta, there are a few good options available. There are some reputable estate jewelry buyers in Atlanta however you may benefit even more using a local jeweler in the Worthy network, or even selling your estate jewelry from the comfort of your own home on The success advocates at Worthy will assist you in understanding the value of your estate jewelry and selling it with ease.

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We understand that it’s not always easy to part with sentimental items like jewelry. That’s why we don’t take shortcuts in offering a seamless, hassle-free process. Our clients’ peace of mind is our top priority. We trust the very best in the industry to protect and insure your items from start to finish. See why you can trust Worthy with selling your jewelry in a safe and value-adding way.
Security. From the moment you ship an item to us until it is sold to the final buyer, we've got you covered. We work with companies like FedEx, Brinks, ParcelPro and Lloyd's of London Insurance, to take every measure to protect both you and your valuable jewelry.
Transparency.  At Worthy we understand that selling jewelry online can be nervewracking. That's why we're committed to kepping you informed at every step of the process, giving you control the entire time. You set your reserve price, watch the offers come in and know where your valuable is at all times.
Objectivity. Worthy looks to bring objectivity back into the process of selling pre-owned jewelry. We do this by providing GIA or IGI diamond gradings that do not assign a value to the diamonds in your jewelry. They serve the purpose of describing your diamonds with complete accuracy so that buyers can place higher bids with full confidence. 

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