Selling Diamond Jewelry in Parsippany Troy Hills

Last updated: December 10, 2020
Sell Jewelry in Parsipanny troy hills
More and more women are looking at selling their jewelry collections as a great way to convert unused items into quick money. Selling once-precious pieces that are no longer meaningful can bring in significant cash – enough to fund new landscaping for the yard, a dream vacation, or even a second degree. While the pawn shop or dealer option is always available, you need to do your research into these buyers or risk getting a raw deal. You will also need to put in a lot of legwork: running around to different stores to find the best price.

Now a new, more effective option exists for selling your diamond jewelry with Worthy’s  online auction platform. Here, your jewelry will receive the attention of a wider audience of buyers who can bid competitively.
Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.
Sierra Fein · Happy Client

How to Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry

Sell your jewelry at a single jeweler and you are limiting yourself to the demand of that store’s clientele only. Typically, individual dealers have no interest in purchasing from anyone but the manufacturer, because they can buy on credit and then mark these items up significantly. Accordingly, on the occasion that there is cash on hand and space in inventory, single jewelers will only extend an offer that they can reasonably afford based on local demand – that is to say, rock bottom.

Worthy is an effective avenue for putting your precious diamond engagement ring or bracelet in front of a community of motivated buyers. With a combination of certified gem grading and professional photography (on us), plus a knowledgeable audience, you can expect a flurry of bids and lofty final sale prices.

Where Can You Sell Jewelry in Parsippany-Troy Hills?

Local Parsippany-Troy Hills Jewelers: Going to a local dealer or boutique is a decent option, and good for those who are not very price-sensitive. The “buy low, sell high” model that rules here will not result in the best offer, but it’s a good way to quickly get cash. Those who take the time to compare the offers of multiple local stores can boost the average price, but it takes work, and carrying a bag of diamond jewelry around town is putting yourself at risk. You can also sell your jewelry yourself on, our full-service auction platform. Begin by giving us some introductory information on your jewelry and we’ll proceed to free diamond grading and then pay to insure and ship your item to us via FedEx. At our headquarters, we grade the piece and give it a high-resolution photoshoot – all necessary parts of a listing designed to generate demand from relevant, reliable buyers.

Recently Auctioned Items:

Picturing Parsippany-Troy Hills

The main draw of Parsippany Troy-Hills, normally referred to as just ‘Parsippany’ instead of its full title, is the beautiful scenery surrounding the township. Situated in New Jersey, a one-time epicenter of geological turbulence, Parsippany’s nature can be attributed to the vast changes that have occurred there since before the continent was a part of Africa.

New Jersey’s Highlands area was created from the collision of North America and a chain of volcanic islands, which currently make up the west half of Parsippany. Much later, melting glaciers in New Jersey left the area with an abundance of rivers and lakes, the biggest of which was Lake Passaic, which spanned the entire county. As the lake receded, plants and wildlife bloomed in unison, and Parsippany is still one of the best destinations for those who need some quiet reflection in nature.

There is civilization here too, of course. One can find many commodities in town, including jewelry if needed. Jewelry sellers have several options for finding new pieces, and Worthy is among the best.


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How to Sell Your Jewelry on

  1. Get a Trending Price – Describe your diamond jewelry, and Worthy will show you how similar items auctioned online to give you an idea of its value.
  2. Schedule a FedEx Pickup – Worthy will prepare a FedEx shipping label for your jewelry. Your jewelry will be fully insured against theft, loss or damage while in transit to our headquarters.
  3. Grading & Auction Preparation of Your Jewelry –All jewelry on the Worthy auction platform is graded at GSI labs or at GIA. This results in an e-report. Next, the jewelry will be photographed in high definition from every possible angle. This provides potential buyers with all the information they need to make an informed decision during the auction process.
  4. The Auction -  Worthy invites interested jewelry buyers to place bids on your high-end jewelry. The GIA or GSI report presents buyers with the technical specifications of your jewelry. During the auction, jewelry sellers can watch the auction map live to see the bids coming in.
  5. Claim Your Payment – If the highest bid meets or exceeds the minimum reserve price set for your jewelry, you will get paid ASAP. If not, you may request to have your jewelry returned to your address free of charge.

Sell Your Jewelry on Worthy with Trust

We take pride in our values of transparency, security and objectivity. Combined, these are all crucial in serving customers to the best of our ability.

Security: Selling jewelry with Worthy imposes no risks on our customers because we go to great lengths to guarantee the integrity of each item under our care. In this endeavor, we employ complimentary fully-insured FedEx shipping, modern physical and digital security measures and more. The result places all liability for your jewelry squarely on us, leaving you comfortable to focus on getting top dollar.

Transparency: Entrusting your expensive items to another may make you hesitant, but you can feel comfortable knowing that Worthy will regularly update you as your jewelry progresses through our process. Through the transfer to different locations, grading process and photography, listing for auction and other milestones, the customer maintains complete control.

Objectivity: Objectivity is a necessary ingredient in receiving a fair market offer for your jewelry. Potential buyers who are equipped with the item’s official grading data, measurements and precise imagery can make an informed decision based on its intrinsic value. Multiple buyers, all with the knowledge that the item they want is the real deal, means bids come quickly and with confidence.
bbb a+
100% Seller Protection
Consumer confidence is of utmost importance to us here at Worthy. That is why, one of our first steps was to be accredited and graded by the BBB. Like them, we uphold the value in transparency, honesty, and legitimate business practices.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

Why Use Worthy?

While there are many options for selling jewelry in Parsippany-Troy Hills, your top priorities are the security of your item and receiving the best price. Worthy offers an easy online option that meets both of these concerns.

Knowing how valuable your item is, we ensure safe delivery to our offices with the help of insured FedEx delivery. Upon arrival, your piece will be examined and and sent on to be evaluated by a leading global grading lab who provide a grading report to help us assign a trending market price. Once it has been analyzed, your jewelry will enter our online auction open to a community of relevant buyers, giving you access to the highest bidder for your piece. This process is smart, easy and accessible.

If you are thinking about using but have some questions, our staff is here to speak to you and guide you through the process by email or phone. 

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