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Last updated: September 19, 2019

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Whether you’re looking to turn unworn jewelry into cash, or sell an item you no longer love to buy something you’ll actually wear, Worthy can help you sell for more, the smart and secure way.


Here at Worthy we understand that jewelry can hold sentimental value. That’s why, when you make the decision to sell your jewelry, we want you to know that it is in the very best hands. Our mission is to help our clients sell their jewelry the smart way, by offering a secure, streamlined process that allows them to get the highest market price for their items at auction.

Worthy Benefits:

  • Up to $100,000 in insurance coverage. Upon submitting your jewelry, you will receive a prepaid, fully insured shipping label. Your item is covered with up to $100,000 in insurance coverage by reputable insurance providers. It is insured for every step of the way, from the moment your jewelry is picked up, until it is sold to the final buyer.
  • Complimentary diamond grading. Knowing what you have is key to getting a fair price for your items. We only trust the best gemological labs in the world to grade your valuable. We take care of cleaning and photographing your items, and have all diamonds graded at leading gemological labs such as GIA.
  • Better offers. Get access to our nationwide network of vetted, professional jewelry buyers. Letting multiple buyers compete for your items helps you get more for your jewelry.
  • Hassle-free process. We hear from our clients how frustrating it is to go from jeweler to jeweler seeking a fair price. Worthy helps you sell fast and in a convenient, easy way. We take care of grading, cleaning and photography, and attracting a worldwide network of professional buyers. All you have to do is schedule a FedEx pickup and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Dedicated account manager. Your account executive will walk you through the process step by step and keep you updated at every turn. You’ll know exactly where you jewelry is at any given time. 
We are proud of the high level of personal service and expertise that we offer. It’s one of the many things that sets Worthy apart from the rest. You can check out our A+ BBB rating any time here.


See what sellers on our marketplace have to say:


  1. Get a Trending Market Price. Tell us a bit about your jewelry, we’ll survey the market and similarly auctioned items and show you its auction potential.

  2. Secure FedEx Pickup. We’ll provide you with insurance for up to $100,000 and a prepaid shipping label addressed to our headquarters.

  3. Grading and Auction Preparation. Once your item arrives at our offices in New York, your jewelry is cleaned, professionally photographed, and sent for a complimentary diamond grading at a top gemological lab, such as GIA, so that you know exactly what you have.

  4. Auction. Professional jewelry buyers are invited to bid on your jewelry based on the flawless photographs and detailed report. You are able to watch the auction map live as the bids roll in.

  5. Get Paid. If the highest offer meets or exceeds your reserve price, you get paid almost immediately. If not, you have the option to have your jewelry returned to you free of charge and fully insured.

Worthy vs. Other Selling Options

With the fluctuating value of jewelry and diamonds, it is important to choose the very best place to sell jewelry that fits your needs and can give you a fair offer. Selling jewelry locally or with a jeweler near you comes with a significant challenge as the retail markup for jewelry far exceeds its market value and a conflict of interest exists when it comes time to buying those pieces back. Many individuals prefer to try locally first and work with a trusted jeweler. However, many people find that their jeweler has a limited ability to provide a fair offer and ultimately turn to online solutions with expanded offerings. Below are the pros and cons of the main available options when it comes to selling your pre-owned jewelry:
  • Local jewelry stores - The jewelry prices you see in stores don’t reflect the price of the diamonds since retail prices are marked up significantly. Therefore, jewelers are not normally willing to buy back jewelry at the original sale price, meaning there is no competitive market. Some jewelers or buyers may offer you a good price, however you will need to do a lot of legwork - shopping around for estimates - to find them.

  • Consignment shops - While consignment shops are easy to find, they have a few downsides. For one, you will often need to pay a high consignment rate (sometimes up to 50%). Selling through consignment can often take a long time and you’ll need to check the shop’s reputation to make sure you’re choosing a trustworthy option.

  • Pawn shops - If you are looking for quick cash, a pawn shop can be a good option but don’t expect high returns and, as with consignment shops, a pawn shop is not always a safe haven for valuable jewelry.

  • ebay - ebay may seem tempting as you can easily sell your item from the comfort of your home. However, ebay has an average of one million jewelry items on sale at any given time and without any sort of expert overseeing the process, you are not likely to get the true value of your item. On top of that, selling through ebay puts you at risk to scams.

  • Worthy - At Worthy, we have developed a way to sell your jewelry that ticks all the boxes. By only selling to qualified buyers, we ensure you get the best value for your item. The entire process can be completed from your home. The process is quick, with items selling within an average of 10-14 business days, after which your money is delivered quickly to you. And most importantly, your item is kept safe and secure the entire time.
lloyds insurance
Luxury Item Protection
Worthy provides up to $100,000 in insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust Lloyd's of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.
Click here for more about our item protection policy


  • 4Cs - carat weight, color grade, clarity grade, and cut grade.
  • Brand - branded jewelry from well known brands like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier can often attract high prices.
  • Originality - rare cuts, colors, or designs can often attract high prices but don’t forget, if a specific style is on trend, demand will be high.
  • Condition - does your item have marks or scratches that need to be cared for before it can be sold?
  • Age - depending on how old your item is, it could be considered an antique or vintage piece, possibly raising the value.


In 2018, over 50% of diamonds auctioned at Worthy were round stones due to the fact that round diamonds have always been very popular for engagement rings and wedding bands. And while almost 60% of diamonds sold were under a carat, 34% were between 1-2 carats.

Recent Jewelry Deals:


The immediate benefit of selling jewelry online is plain and simple - more offers. When working with a single jewelry buyer, the value of your jewelry is up to them at any given time. When there are multiple jewelry buyers, the true market value of your jewelry can more easily and accurately be determined. From a larger pool of demand comes a greater likelihood that a fair, even competitive offer will be made. Worthy taps into this very concept with the Worthy auction platform. Once your diamond or jewelry has been graded by an accredited lab (such as GIA or IGI), professional, trusted jewelry buyers from Worthy’s Buyer Network are invited to bid on it.
100% Seller Protection
We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.


What is hot in the market right now, what we recommend you to sell:
  • Diamond jewelry containing diamonds that are worth over .5 carats
  • Loose diamonds of over .5 carats
  • Luxury watches
If you have a piece of jewelry that you are looking to sell, know that selling with Worthy is safe, easy, and secure. We know you have questions and feel free to speak to one of our agents by calling 1-(888) 222-0208.

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