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Sell Your Vintage Jewelry for the Best Price
When selling your treasured vintage jewelry, you need to work with the experts at Worthy
sell vintage jewelry
Last updated: May 20, 2024

Interested in selling vintage jewelry? At Worthy, we specialize in helping people find new homes for old treasures, for best prices. Vintage jewelries are unusual and require the best possible place to sell old jewelry.

How do we do it? Using our luxury auction platform, we work with a wide audience of professional buyers who are eager to compete for items that might simply gather dust if they were offered for sale at a pawn shop or local jeweler. We save you time and effort by going the extra mile with each sale. Our team of experts takes care of important tasks like cleaning, authenticating, and photographing your jewelry before it is offered for sale; on most other platforms, it’s up to you to present items to potential bidders. From start to finish, we are fully committed to getting you more money for your vintage and antique jewelry while ensuring that the entire process is secure, simple, and transparent.

Why Do People Decide To Sell Vintage Jewelry With Worthy?

When people learn just how important transparency, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind are to us at Worthy, they’re often amazed. We believe that you deserve excellence throughout each and every step of the sales process, from the moment you ask for an appraisal to the minute your item receives its final bid. When you opt to sell old jewelry using our services, your valuables are fully protected by insurance, plus a streamlined transition that extends from the beginning of our precise grading process to our well-attended online auction.

Authenticity: A Vital Factor In Seller Success

If you’ve been looking at options for where to sell vintage jewelry online, you may already know that buyers only commit when they’re absolutely certain of authenticity. With other venues, the authenticity requirement can often leave sellers in a difficult position as it can be costly and difficult to properly authenticate and describe the items they are offering for sale. This leads to the often unwanted expense that comes with hiring a potentially biased appraiser or jeweler.

At Worthy, buyers and sellers alike benefit from our grading services, which take place only at professional GIA and IGI laboratories. This ensures complete transparency to all parties involved, while providing the added value that comes with peace of mind. Each item we offer on our platform goes through a thorough, professional grading process that details the jewelry itself, plus individual components including precious metals, diamonds, and other stones. As a result, buyers feel confident and happily bid, ensuring that you receive fair market value for your item.

How To Sell Old Jewelry Online: Worthy Makes It Simple

Sell Vintage Jewelry

1 Prep for sale

Sell Vintage Jewelry

2 Auction online

Sell Vintage Jewelry

3 Get paid

  1. Tell us about your Vintage jewelry – Click to get started and answer a few basic questions about your jewelry for our experts to review.
  2. Schedule shipping – Worthy will arrange for the secure shipment of your Vintage jewelry to our offices in NYC. You can choose between a FedEx pickup from your home or a drop-off at a FedEx location nearby.
  3. Prepare for sale – Once your jewelry arrives, our team of experts take care of professionally cleaning, evaluating, and photographing it in order to attract the attention of potential buyers.
  4. Online auction –  When you have set your reserve price, your jewelry auction can begin and you can watch the offers roll in.
  5. Get paid – Once your Vintage jewelry has sold, you’ll receive the final sale amount via the payment method of your choice.
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World-Class Grading Labs

We put our trust in the best diamond grading labs in the world, such as the GIA and IGI, to grade items prior to auction. Diamonds and gemstones sold with grading reports from these top labsare considered more valuable and can command higher prices.

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Essential Vintage Jewelry Basics

As you’re deciding where to sell old jewelry, it’s likely that you’re seeing many items labeled as “vintage jewelry.” To earn the “vintage” title, Jewelry must be 20 years old or older. Further confusing things, there’s quite a bit of crossover between “antique” and “vintage” jewelry since it’s possible to have an item that’s “vintage 1910” and also an antique as it meets the criteria of being at least 100 years old. You might also see the terms “heirloom jewelry” and “estate jewelry,” which simply mean that the piece is pre-owned rather than brand new. 

The best way to avoid confusion is to have an expert take a look at the item in question. You’re always welcome to ask our team for assistance or get a free estimate. 

While there is a strong market for fine contemporary jewelry, those who want to sell vintage jewelry have the advantage of rarity. Pieces like this vintage diamond bracelet, which sold for well over $17,500 USD are always in demand. Of course, it can be almost impossible to tell what you have unless you’re among the few who have original documentation in hand.

Factors To Consider When Selling Vintage Jewelry Online

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding how to sell old jewelry, and value is at the top of the list. Worthy provides accurate estimates of each item’s market value, enhancing buyer trust while ensuring that you receive the best value possible once you decide that you do in fact want to sell your vintage jewelry. Before it is put up for auction, a number of factors are evaluated. These include:

Scarcity – The rarer an item is, the more it is likely to fetch at auction. This means that scarcity is among the most important factors in selling vintage jewelry. It’s good news for sellers who have items that are in fair condition rather than mint; the value can still be surprisingly high if the item is an uncommon one. Our team of professionals have amassed priceless knowledge in their years in this field, and are easily able to provide a good estimate while determining whether your vintage jewelry is rare or easy to find. This is just one step we take when determining market price.

State of Repair – After determining whether an item is scarce or not, our appraisers take a close look at your item’s state of repair. Is anything missing, or have any of the diamonds or other stones been replaced? Vintage items in poor condition or missing original components are often worth far less than those which are both intact and original. The level of wear plays a role here, too; if an item has been “loved” too much, then it is generally considered to be of less value than identical item in mint condition. Your vintage jewelry will be treated to a thorough cleaning during the pre-sale process, but any foreign matter that we cannot remove will adversely impact the jewelry’s value. Other imperfections such as pitting, greening, moisture damage, etc. can also impact the value. 

Originality and Overall Quality – The components of your vintage jewelry piece, i.e. the metals and gemstones that it’s made of – also play an important role in its fair market value, as can any damage caused by previous adjustments. Collectors prize vintage jewelry in its original state, and this makes unaltered items worth more than those that have been changed in any way. If you plan to sell vintage jewelry, it is important to leave it in its original state if possible. Any repairs should be conducted by a proficient professional jeweler.
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Luxury Item Protection

Worthy provides full insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust Lloyd’s of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.

Advantages Of Selling Your Vintage Jewelry With Worthy’s Services

Anyone who has been selling vintage jewelry as part of a business or hobby will tell you that preparing items for sale takes a huge investment in both time and energy. Finding the right audience, gathering the pertinent information, and even getting great photos matter. Why not let us do the legwork for you? Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit when you use Worthy as a liaison with potential buyers: 

Get more with top gemological gradings. Buyers prefer to purchase certified items, especially when they are valuable. With our gradings, confidence is heightened and bids reflect the actual worth of the items on offer.

Save time: No logistics required. You never have to worry about shipping, scheduling appraisal, writing a suitable description, or wondering whether potential buyers are screened and qualified. All shipments are fully insured, and FedEx pickup happens at the time and date that’s best for you. 

Attract serious buyers with HD 360 photographs. We make sure that your vintage jewelry stands out and gets serious offers by using professional photographers who carefully photograph your piece from all angles in lighting meant to show off every detail.

Hear from our sellers

Our sellers are very vocal about their positive experiences with us. See what they have to say as you prepare to start your jewelry selling journey.

Should You Sell Your Vintage Jewelry? Here’s Why Others Do It

Everyone has a story, and there are a variety of reasons for selling vintage jewelry like this baguette cut link bracelet that fetched nearly $5,500 at auction: some people no longer use or want to wear certain items, some like to know that somebody out there will love to have a special piece of jewelry, and others come to auction with a desire to turn old treasures into money that they can put toward their goals. Whether that means a dream vacation, a child’s education, or a reduction in debt, Worthy can help turn wishes into reality. If you are debating whether our platform is the right one for you, we invite you to take a moment to read this inspirational piece.

Last updated: May 20, 2024