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Sell Your Andersen Genève Watch Today
Welcome to Worthy, we get the most for your Andersen Genève watch with our unique online auction platform.
Last updated: January 24, 2023

Our innovative auction platform uses real bids to determine the market value of your watch. With professional in-house watch experts and low overhead costs combined with this platform, you can get the best price when you sell an Andersen Genève timepiece.

Our Shared Success

Get More Value When You Sell Andersen Genève

There are many reasons to sell Andersen Genève watches at Worthy. The evaluation process is markedly different to traditional appraisals in that instead of assigning a value to your item, pictures and a description are composed and then submitted to the Worthy auction platform. The evaluation is conducted at CentralWatch, a longtime trusted watch shop located in Manhattan. The value of your watch is then determined by the highest bid that is placed on it during the auction. This process allows you to get the most accurate estimate of the true market value of your item which means you will be getting the best price for your watch given its condition, and the conditions of the market. This extensive process is exclusive to Worthy, and is undertaken to enhance buyer confidence while ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your watch at the end of the auction.

Sell Your Watch with Trust

Worthy has its certification and licensing from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. We have significant experience in the used luxury watch industry, as do the professional appraisers who partner with us. Because our appraisal process is vital to our success, we work only with those appraisers who are true experts working at the top of their field. Those who evaluate watches on behalf of our clients are certified and possess the luxury watch experience necessary to provide confident, objective appraisals. The process of selling your watch at Worthy is 100% transparent and you will always be able to ascertain the current status of your item. You will also have access to the auction platform so you can view the actual bids on your Andersen Genève watch in real time.

How to Sell Your Andersen Geneve Watch with Worthy

Andersen Genève

1 Prep for sale

Andersen Genève

2 Auction online

Andersen Genève

3 Get paid

Worthy does all of the tedious work for when you sell an Andersen Genève watch, making it simple and easy. The process of selling your watch at Worthy is as follows:

  1. Description – Describe your watch the best of your ability. Be sure to include mention of any paperwork you may have. 
  2. Trending Price – Based on the description and similar watches auctioned on our platform, we’ll formulate a trending price.
  3. Evaluation – You will receive a pre-paid shipping label addressed to our facilities for authentication and evaluation.
  4. Reserve Price – The experts at CentralWatch will examine your watch and compose a detailed report on it. We then take HD photographs of your watch to display at auction. At this stage you are given the opportunity to set a reserve price.  
  5. Auction – Buyers are invited to view and place competitive bids on your watch. If the highest bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, the sale is confirmed and the money is sent to you. If the auction ends below the reserve price, you have the option to decline the sale and we will return your watch to you fully insured, free of charge.

About Andersen Genève Watches

Svend Anderson, the creator of Andersen Genève, was born in 1942 in Denmark. He received his diploma from the Danish Watchmaker School which is part of the Royal Technological Institute of Copenhagen. In 1969, he produced his first ‘Bottle Clock’ which earned him the title ‘Watchmaker of the Impossible’. Andersen opened his own shop in 1979 and began working on his collection of watches including the ‘Communication 24’ which was worn by the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark.

In 1989, Andersen was added to the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the smallest calendar watch in the world. In 1992, Anderson created the Christopher Columbus commemoration watch which came in a variety of different cases including platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold.

Andersen began to follow his greatest passion in 1994 by focusing his efforts on world time watches by creating the smallest world time watch known as Mundus. That same year, he also created the Hebraika which featured the Jewish calendar. Andersen Genève is still one of the top world time watchmakers in the world and has created some of the most stunning world time watches including the Grande Jour et Nuit, Quotidiana and the Communication models.

Learn how to pronounce Andersen Genève correctly by listening to our complete Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide.

Andersen Genève Watch Models

The sleek and sophisticated design is just one of the reasons why these watches are so sought after. Some of the most popular models include the Communication, Quotidiana and the Grande Jour et Nuit. Because these are some of the most popular models, they will likely sell rapidly and at a higher price.

The Andersen Genève Quotidiana: A beautifully designed calendar watch that features a metallic blue watch face featuring the days of the week. This 24-hour watch is one of the most simplistic but also most elegant watches in the Andersen Genève collection.

The Grande Jour et Nuit Line: Features an innovative and unique watch face that is exclusive to Andersen Genève watches. The half circle clock design offers an interesting and innovative way to tell time – and it all is set on the classic Andersen Genève blue watch face. On the back of these watches, you can see all of the inner workings of the watch which have been beautifully designed for your enjoyment.

The Communication Model: Remains one of the most popular collectable world time watches since Andersen created the first model in 1989. These watches feature a classic design with a world map pictured on the watch face. In addition to the 24-hour clock, this watch allows you to determine the time throughout the world.

Watch enthusiasts are drawn to Andersen Genève watches and it is safe to say that overall these watches are well-received by customers. The design of these watches offers a classic look but they are also packed full of special features including calendars and world time. Andersen Genève watches are an alluring combination of traditional and modern design and they continue to be one of the top choices for watch buyers all over the world.

Selling Your Andersen Genève Watch

The quality of Andersen Genève watches cannot be beat so you want to ensure that you can secure the best price. When selling your watch at Worthy, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal because our platform is the most reliable and transparent way to determine the market value of your item. You do not need to suffer through a long appraisal or negotiation process, you can simply send your watch to us and we will take care of the rest.

Last updated: January 24, 2023