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Sell Your Franc Vila Watch Today
Partner with Worthy to sell your Franc Vila watch today
Last updated: January 24, 2023

Welcome to Worthy, where you can get the most for your Franc Vila watch with little-to-no effort. Without leaving your home you can receive a free estimate followed by a free physical evaluation and auction preparation. Using our unique online auction platform we attract competitive bids from buyers world-wide. When you sell Franc Vila with Worthy, you can accept or decline the offer we make, there is nothing to lose!

Sell a Franc Vila Watch & Get the Highest Market Value

The auction platform at Worthy is used to determine an accurate real market price for your Franc Vila watch based on bids from professional buyers. Before your watch is added to the auction platform it first undergoes a complete, expert appraisal from a top watch expert specializing in Franc Vila watches. The appraisal process at Worthy is different from a traditional appraisal because instead of assigning a value to your watch we will clean, photograph and create a description of your watch.  After the appraisal, your watch will be added to the auction platform where  buyers will have an opportunity to place actual bids on your watch. The highest bid will be what we will offer you to sell your Franc Vila watch. Essentially, the value of your watch will be determined by bids from buyers under real market conditions so that you can get the true market price for your watch.

Franc Vila
100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

Get a Trustworthy Appraisal

Worthy is licensed and certified by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. When Franc Vila watches are sent to our facilities, they are appraised by top industry professionals. Since each item is unique, we match it with the appraiser who is best qualified to assess it, giving you the best value possible. We guarantee that the appraiser who will be assigned to evaluate your watch has the expertise and experience required to provide a professional appraisal for even the rarest of Franc Vila’s luxury watch models. Beyond the appraisal, the auction process at Worthy is transparent and you can always check on the status of your watch. You are even able to access the Worthy platform so you can view the progress of the auction of your watch.

How to Sell Your Franc Vila Watch with Worthy

Franc Vila

1 Prep for sale

Franc Vila

2 Auction online

Franc Vila

3 Get paid

At Worthy, we make it easy to sell a Franc Vila watch because we do all of the legwork for you. Here are the steps for selling your watch at Worthy:
  1. You provide us with some information about your watch on the Worthy site.
  2. We provide you with an initial market value estimate based on your description and preliminary bids. You can then send your watch to be prepped for auction at our facilities using the free and insured shipping label. 
  3. An objective appraisal expert who specializes in luxury watches and who is familiar with the current market will give your watch a thorough evaluation. Your watch will be evaluated on its overall condition, and given a close-up look at its movement, its crystal, and other important parts. After the watch has been professionally cleaned and appraised, it will be photographed. 
  4. Afterward, we will create a detailed description of your Franc Vila watch, making it even more appealing to prospective buyers. Your watch will be placed on the auction platform where buyers will place bids. 
  5. The highest bid determines the offer that you can accept or decline. Upon accepting, you will get paid almost immediately. 

About Franc Vila Watches

Franc Vila has created stunning hand-crafted watches that have reinvented the traditional watch form. Vila combines the past and the future to make beautiful and innovative timepieces. The watches created by Franc Vila are unique and the mechanism, case, dial, screws, rotos, crown, strap and hands are designed individually to add personality and flair to each watch. 

Franc Vila uses the latest technology as well as incredible artistic skill to blend traditional and modern design into each and every watch.  These watches cater to an exclusive clientele that demand nothing less than excellence in watch design and functionality. 

Franc Vila watches are truly forms of art and they speak to the character of those who wear them. These watches are meant to be enjoyed by people who cherish the special moments in life.  All of these watches are unique and they reflect the individualism of the owner. 

The most sophisticated design techniques are used in the creation of Franc Vila watches. The styles of these timepieces stay true to the craftsmanship of the best watch-makers in the world.  Franc Vila is committed to creating new classic watches that draw on the artistry of contemporary designs.  Franc Vila is known for his innovative, contemporary watch designs that feature a unique style that can be found nowhere else. Franc Vila watches are the poster child of exceptionally beautiful watches. 

Click here to listen to our complete Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide and learn how to pronounce Franc Vila correctly.

Franc Vila Watch Models

The contemporary watches created by Franc Vila are unique and have a distinct style that many watch collectors want to have in their collection.  Franc Vila creates extremely high quality watches that are essentially wearable pieces of art.  The beauty of these watches combined with the superior quality make them a top choice for watch enthusiasts.  Some of the most popular watch collections at Franc Vila are the Cobra collection, the Quantieme collection and the Planetaire collection.

The Cobra: This collection features a modern design complete with a tourbillion chronograph dial-side column wheels and a SuperLigero concept skeleton tourbillion. The exposed movement is the most striking feature of this watch and it reveals the true craftsmanship behind these watches. In addition, these watches feature an interestingly-shaped face which is a signature feature on Franc Vila watches. 

The Quantieme: These watches showcase a standard collection as well as other time-keeping features such as a perpetual calendar, world time and annual calendar. These simple and elegant watches have a traditional watch face but have the signature shape that Franc Vila is known for. The design of these watches is clean so you can easily see the time, calendar or world time.

The Planetaire: This collection features a wheels differential system as well as inertial moment control.  These mechanical watches showcase the beauty and intricate design of Franc Vila’s high quality watch movements.  Franc Vila watches are all designed with the highest quality standards which makes them a top pick for watch collectors.

Selling Your Franc Vila Watch

Your Franc Vila watch is unique and one of the best quality watches in the world so you will want to be sure that you are getting the best deal. Worthy is the only place where you can actually get the real market value for your watch and best of all you do not have to go through a long appraisal or negotiation process.

Last updated: January 24, 2023