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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Welcome to Worthy, where we get you the most for your Peter Speake-Marin watch with our unique online auction platform. With our auction platform, we can get you an authentic market price for your Peter Speake-Marin watch. In addition, low overhead costs and independent appraisals make Worthy the easiest and most convenient way to sell your watch. What’s more is that when we make you an offer, you are under no obligation – you can accept it or decline it.

The Highest Market Value For Your Watch

The design of the Worthy auction platform allows us to get the most accurate estimate of the value of your Peter Speake-Marin watch based on actual market conditions. The unique platform is complemented by a completely objective appraisal process designed to get you the best value while enhancing buyer confidence. Our appraisal process is unique, as our expert appraisal partners do not assign value. Instead, valuables are professionally cleaned and evaluated after which are photographed and described in written detail. After the appraisal is complete your watch is added to the Worthy auction platform and professional buyers can begin placing competitive bids on your watch. At the end of the auction, the value of your watch will be determined using the highest bid.

Sell a Peter Speake-Marin in a Trustworthy Marketplace

We are licensed and certified by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and accredited by the BBB. Our partner appraisers have extensive experience in the luxury watch industry and are certified to perform professional appraisals on Peter Speake-Marin watches. Furthermore, we believe in having a transparent process so that you can stay up to date at all times. Additionally, we give you access to the auction platform so that you can view the bids that are placed on your watch.


Since Worthy does all of the legwork for you, the business of selling Peter Speake-Marin watches could not be easier. Your watch can be sold by following these simple steps:
  1. Provide us some basic information and clear photos of your watch.
  2. We will provide a free shipping label you can send your watch to one of our secure facilities for evaluation and preparation for auction.
  3. One of our independent partner appraisers will authenticate and evaluate your watch before it is photographed for presentation to buyers
  4. An online auction will be created for your watch for the buyers to bid on. 
  5. When the auction closes, you will receive the highest offer bid. At this point you can choose to accept or decline the offer, risk-free.  

About Peter Speake-Marin Watches

Speake-Marin is a luxury watch-making company that creates a variety of high-end watches. Peter Speake-Marin founded this company in 2002 and it is based out of Bursins, Switzerland. Peter Speake-Marin was born in Essex, England in 1968 to a Welsh father and English mother. After he graduated from Hackney Technical College with a watchmaking degree in 1985 he went to Switzerland to take a course at WOSTEP in horological complications. After he completed his course he went back to London and began working at Somlo Antiques as the head of the antique watch restoration division. He worked at Somlo for 7 years before he returned to Switzerland in 1996 to create high-end complications for the company Renaud & Papi. 

Since Speake-Marin watches was launched, the collection has grown from time wristwatches to models that feature date, single hand, jumping hours, tourbillions, perpetual calendar and minute repeaters. These watches also feature semi-skeletonized fire-enamel, multi-level, hand-engraved dials. The first watch created by this company was a pocket watch featuring a hand-made tourbillion. The name of this watch was the Foundation Watch because it was the template for other Speake-Marin watches. This watch had a pleated crown, spade shaped hands and was hand-engraved. The Foundation Watch allowed Peter Speake-Marin to gain membership to the AHCI and was the start to the incredible Speake-Marin watch brand.

Peter Speake-Marin Watch Models

Speake-Marin are high quality luxury watches that are a must-have for watch collectors and enthusiasts. These watches feature many hand-crafted elements and they are the epitome of fine craftsmanship. Speake-Marin watches are wildly popular and therefore they are some of the best-selling luxury watches in the world. The most popular Speake-Marin watches are the Marin-1, Spirit and Renaissance. 

The Marin 1 Collection: Launched in 2009, this collection features the first in-house movement. The three concentric ring design was taken from early pocket watches. This collection was the first to feature the in-house SM2 calibre which took 3 years to develop. 

The Spirit Collection: In 2008 this collection debuted with the Spirit Pioneer model. This model has a black-lacquered dial, central second, minute and hours hands and Roman numerals. The markers on the watch are filled with Super-LumiNova so they glow in the dark. 

The Renaissance Collection: Launched in 2012, watches in this collection feature a minute-repeater tourbillon. This watch also has an 18 carat red gold Piccadilly open-dial case with ‘Foundation’ hands. The tourbillon case is shaped like the topping-tool motif that Peter Speake-Marin is known for. Every Renaissance timepiece is distinctive and has a different design that has been engraved by hand onto the movement. These beautiful, classic watch designs are extremely popular because of their design as well as their quality which makes them greatly sought after by watch collectors.

Selling Your Peter Speake-Marin Watch

Peter Speake-Marin watches feature innovative designs and are created using the highest quality process and materials. Because of their quality, you will want to ensure that you are getting the best deal when you sell your Peter Speake-Marin watch. In reality, the only way you can get the best market value for your watch is with the Worthy auction platform. Additionally, you will not have to go through any tedious appraisals or negotiations to sell your watch at Worthy, so get started today!

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