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Sell Your Tag Heuer Link for More
TAG Heuer is a leading Swiss luxury watchmaker that has created a wide range of iconic watches including the TAG Heuer Link.
Last updated: January 24, 2023

This watchmaker is well-respected and incredibly popular, making it possible for you to sell your watch at a great price. However, selling your TAG Heuer Link is rarely a simple process. Fortunately, Worthy can help. With Worthy, you do not have to worry about finding buyers – our professional evaluation will give you the market value of your watch so you can get the best price. Our trusted online auction platform has won the admiration and respect of buyers and sellers the world over. 

How to Sell a TAG Heuer Link Watch with Worthy


1 Prep for sale


2 Auction online


3 Get paid

One of the many unique features of Worthy is that it is a 100% online pre-owned jewelry marketplace. This allows us to connect your item with a huge number of buyers in many different locations so you have the best chance of sell TAG Heuer Link watches at a great price.  

  1. To begin the process, you need to provide an image and description of your TAG. 
  2. Then, we will provide you with an estimated market value range based on similar items that have sold. The highest estimated value is considered a reserve price (the price at which you commit to selling your item).
  3. Once you agree to the reserve price, ship your watch to our headquarters for physical evaluation and auction preparation. Shipping and insurance is fully covered by Worthy.
  4. While your watch is at Worthy headquarters, a watch expert will conduct an evaluation to verify all watch characteristics. HD photographs are also taken of your watch.
  5. Your TAG watch is presented to hundreds of buyers from your online auction. You will be invited to watch as competitive bids come in from all around the world. At the end of the auction, you will receive a full summary and be asked to sign a sale ticket. If the highest offer falls below the reserve price, you have the option to have it sent back to you free, and fully insured

About Tag Heuer Link

The first thing you will probably notice about any watch is the face and if the face is not aesthetically pleasing or legible then chances are you will not like the watch.The appearance of TAG Heuer Link watches is constantly changing, with different colors, hands and indicators. All of the models have a large ‘12’ at the top of the watch and other smaller indicators representing the other numbers.

Overall, Tag Heuer Link watches are symmetrical and because the indicators are different you can easily tell the time from any direction.  While you can find a variety of different styles in the TAG Heuer Link watch line, one of the most important features is the movement used in the watch.  The TAG Heuer Link is a quartz watch and while some prefer mechanical watches there are definite benefits to owning a quartz watch.  The first benefit is that mechanical watches need more maintenance and they are not as accurate as quartz watches.  The reliability of the TAG Heuer Link is well-established and you will be spending way less time and money on the maintenance of this watch.  The Link models are not too large or too small and have been designed to fit a wide range of different wrist sizes.

Hear from our sellers

Our sellers are very vocal about their positive experiences with us. See what they have to say as you prepare to start your jewelry selling journey.

Awards Won by Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer has won a multitude of awards for their watches and designs. In 2007, this watchmaker was given the iF product design award to recognize the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph. The iF Product design award was awarded by the International Forum Design which is located in Lloyd’s of London, Germany.  In addition, this watch was praised with awards in the Lifestyle and Leisure category. There were over 2,200 watches produced by watchmakers in 35 different countries that were up for this award. The iF Product design award was given to TAG Heuer for the second time for 2 consecutive years. In 2006 the Professional Golf Watch received this product aware in the Lifestyle and Leisure category. The design of the Professional Golf Watch was created by Tiger Woods. The Carrera 1887 was credited with the La Petite Aiguille Award in 2010 during the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve.

100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

Make Worthy Your Trusted Partner

The moment you have decided to sell Tag Heuer Link watch, you will want to go with the best possible online retail platform. Worthy has all the professionalism and expertise you expect from a high end online auction platform. Ours is a name you can trust, because trust is what we work  hardest to achieve with our buyers and sellers. With Worthy you are assured of a safe, secure and discreet buying or selling experience. We are absolutely delighted to be of service to you and we will do our utmost to offer you professionalism from the moment you register until the time you cash out. Our reputation is golden to our clients and we look forward to serving you in the future. To get started, simply list your watch on Worthy and we will walk you through the process in double-quick time. Make today a Worthy day!

Last updated: January 24, 2023