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7 Tips to help you move on after divorce/

Women are Glowing for More Reasons Than you Think

Let_it_glow_winner_header (1)

Every day women are told what to do, what to eat, what to buy, how to sleep etc., all in the interest of “being well” and better at life. A month ago, we at Worthy decided to cut through the noise and have a shame-free conversation about wellness. We wanted to celebrate what makes us […]

Sesame Street Takes A New Step For Blended Families

Blended Puppets

By Audrey Cade   For 48 years, PBS’ perennial favorite TV show, Sesame Street, has illuminated living rooms around the world like a ray of sunshine beaming from the TV set. Generations of children have delighted to the songs and antics of friendly, colorful monsters who entertain and teach. How many of us can credit […]

Smartwatches vs Traditional Watches: There’s Something for Everyone

Watch OUT!

We’ve seen the question of smart watches vs. traditional ones quite a lot lately. Smartwatches are convenient and useful, and let’s admit it – they’re fun to wear. Designers are adding sleek, stylish touches, making them more attractive than the original designs, and some companies are offering hybrid smartwatches that offer an appealing combination of […]

9 Smart Travel Tips for the Savvy Single Mom

Mother and Daughter Trip

Stacey Freeman   If you are a single mom, planning a family vacation may seem daunting, if not impossible. How will you manage your kids, especially if they outnumber you? Occupy them, particularly if their ages range? Find time for yourself? Afford it? The good news is, with the following nine tips a fun-filled getaway […]

Diamond Clarity: Can It Be Identified with the Naked Eye

Diamond Clarity

GIA laboratory issues diamond grading reports for loose, natural diamonds in the D-to-Z color range that weight 0.15 carats or more. GIA Diamond Grading Reports are not issued for diamond synthetics, diamond simulants, mounted diamonds or those that have undergone unstable treatments, such as fracture filling or coating. And while reports may be issued for […]