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7 Tips to help you move on after divorce/

What Should a Widow Do With Her Rings?

Worthy_WhatShouldAWidow_Article_0517_Header_697x283_01_A (1)

By Maryalene LaPonsie   At age 35, I became a widow. My husband of 15 years was a strong man but no match for esophageal cancer. It’s been four years since he took his final breath early one beautiful May morning. Since then, our five children and I have walked the bewildering path people take […]

Parents Inc: Why You Should Co-Parent Like a Business

Worthy_CoParenting_Article_0517_Header_697283_01 (1)

By Audrey Cade   Most people know the difference between a personal versus a professional relationship. A personal relationship is usually a friendship that includes voluntary sharing of time, knowing intimate details about one another, and is a more relaxed partnership wherein the parties can be their true, uninhibited self. A professional relationship tends to […]

Is There a Quick Fix for Getting Over the Pain of Divorce?


By Stacey Freeman   Going through a divorce isn’t easy. In fact, it is downright horrible, particularly in the beginning, and even more so if you are not the one who initiated it. I should know. Five years ago my husband left me, announcing he would reside permanently in Asia and making me a single […]

How to Tell Your Family you’re Getting Divorced

Worthy_HowToTell_Article_0517_Header_697x283_01 (1)

By Dena Landon   There are phone calls full of excitement and joy – calling my Mom to tell her my boyfriend had proposed, asking my sister to be in my wedding, calls to discuss dresses, catering and planning. And then there are calls you dread – calling your family to tell them it’s over. […]

5 Steps to Renew the Energy of Your Home

Worthy_Renew_Energy_Article_0517_Header_697x283_02 (1)

By Nicole Amaturo   Just as we renew our personal energy, we must renew the energy in our home to create a positive and sacred space. This is especially effective when going through a divorce, break-up, or any other type of transition. Just as we absorb the energy of people we interact with each day, […]