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Bbb2 Stars

Although I was skeptical to work with worthy, I have to say i had a great experience.

- Joanne F.
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The communication, shipping, auction, and payment was absolutely a dream!

- Jennifer B.
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From start to finish, my expectations were more than met!

- Dotty M.
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The shipping went smoothly and they kept us updated at every step in the process.

- Daniel P.
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16h 00m Views 55
Large wide 2a30e8c7ae.9cd814da2e.user uploads 2ftemp.7f4e4223 fcba 4bd2 8552 4e0f689aeac9.210844 2bf
1.89CT Halo Ring
Current bid: $3,827
16h 15m Views 67
Thumb wide 864c8e461c.97de20c3ce.user uploads 2ftemp.9c0b4451 6b56 4125 83cc 8f8af72fcfdc.693321 2b40
2.76CT Halo Ring
Current bid: $5,629
16h 59m Views 73
Thumb wide 685ba46192.6c6446a30a.user uploads 2ftemp.8dbefde2 b7b3 4d1e 9df4 ee4adcf34c63.412165 2bf
1.5CT Bridal Set Ring
Current bid: $5,897
17h 11m Views 120
Thumb wide 10e7b21f1e.290719b8aa.user uploads 2ftemp.25cc5f56 130e 4b4e ad0c b831fac3ed89.434857 2bf
5.22CT Men’s Ring Ring
Current bid: $6,849
16h 29m Views 54
Thumb wide 12c9896601.a20983ca96.user uploads 2ftemp.ba5e9410 7189 4967 ba55 e936e016fc66.421155 2bf
1.65CT Bridal Set Ring
Current bid: $8,792
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