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Worthy’s Buyer Network is comprised of hundreds of trusted, professional buyers from around the world. Competitive bids from this large pool of committed buyers drive up the price of your item, getting you the highest market value.

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The appraisal process is a point of pride for us at Worthy and is an essential step in presenting your item for auction. Our experts serve as independent appraisers, providing highly detailed descriptions and high-resolution photographs. Only the very best in the industry handle and evaluate your items using state-of-the-art machinery. Our facility is secure, our process is transparent and our evaluations are entirely objective.

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Selling your items with Worthy is simple and fast. Completing a sale transaction can be as short as 48 hours. Start by describing your item and adding an image. Based on the opinions of interested buyers and similiar item transactions, we will provide you with a market value estimate. Once you are ready, overnight your item to us free of charge, fully insured. We will professionally appraise and present your item to hundreds of interested buyers. From start to finish we take all of the legwork out of selling your valuable items.

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We are proud to say that we have consistently fulfilled our promise of getting our customers the highest market value for their luxury items. Deal after deal we deliver win-win situations for both our sellers and our buyers.


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Worthy leads the way with trustworthy appraisals, a high level of transparency, and guaranteed transactions. See our full list of certifications and licenses.


The more deals you complete through Worthy, the higher the rewards. Contact us to learn more.