How It Works

How we help get you the most for your jewelry.
It pays to have a partner on your side
Count on Worthy’s expertise and personalized service to help you sell your valuables for the most money, fast and risk free. Here’s how it works:
Tell Us About Your Item
Click Get Started and answer a few basic questions about your jewelry for our experts to review.
Schedule Shipping

Weʼll arrange secure shipment of your items to our offices. You can choose between FedEx pickup from your home, or drop-off at a FedEx location near you.

Free, fully insured shipping
Shipping is fully covered by Worthy and fully insured by insurers at Lloyd’s of London.
In-office drop off
You can also drop your jewelry off in person at select Worthy locations across the U.S.
Prepare for Sale
To prepare your jewelry for auction, our team of experts will professionally clean, evaluate, and photograph it for you in a way that attracts the attention of potential buyers.
Professional cleaning
The jewelry cleaning process involves carefully removing dirt or tarnish to improve its appearance and make it sparkle for the auction.
External grading
We partner with objective industry-leading labs like GIA, and IGI who inspect every item we receive. Watches are inspected by Central Watch.
Beauty shots
Your piece is professionally photographed in high definition from every angle so that buyers can get a closer look and place high bids with confidence.
Online Auction
Once you set a reserve price and start your online jewelry auction, youʼll be able to watch the offers roll in.
Reserve price
You set the minimum amount you’d accept as a winning bid. While bids may exceed this amount, your reserve price eliminates the risk of selling your item for less than you’d like. We’ll recommend a reserve price which you can choose to accept, or you can set your own.
Auction listing
We'll list your item with a detailed description, beauty shots, and the third-party grading report.
Live auction
Your auction will be live for 2 to 3 business days. You can view the live auction page and watch the offers roll in.
Buyer network
Once live, the 1,000+ professional industry buyers on our platform can view and bid on your item.
Get Paid
Once your item is sold, you'll get the final sale amount minus Worthy's fee, which is a percentage of the sale price.
Payment method
You can receive your payment via a bank transfer, PayPal or check. The choice is yours.
Payment timeline
Once the sale is complete, we collect payment from the buyer of your valuables. This is usually collected automatically but can take up to 5-7 business days to receive. As soon as we have received the funds, we begin processing your payment. Once we've issued the payment, receipt of the funds varies depending on the payment method you select and works as follows:
  • Bank transfer (ACH): 1-3 business days
  • PayPal: 2-3 business days
  • Mailed Check: 2-10 business days
* Payment for multiple pieces of jewelry is processed once all sales are complete.
Worthy’s fees
Your only cost is Worthy’s success fees. The fee is a percentage of your final selling price, so you know we're on your side and will work to get you the most money possible. And if your item doesn't meet the reserve price you set, we’ll return it to you free of charge.
Winning bidFee
$0 - $5,00018%
$5,001 - $15,00014%
$15,001 - $30,00012%
$30,001 - above10%
** For Jewelry Box (3 or more items), a flat fee of 18%* applies.
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