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Last updated: December 08, 2021
sell diamondsDiamond jewelry can be difficult to part with, especially items we have worn daily for years, such as wedding and engagement rings. Although some diamond pieces may only be sparkling status symbols, most have sentimental value, which makes them difficult to part with. This is why, when the need or desire arises to sell your diamond jewelry, it’s helpful to have someone to support and guide you through the process. That’s where Worthy comes in.

Why Sell A Diamond?

There are many reasons a person may decide to sell their diamonds for cash. Sometimes it stems from the need for funds to go towards education, home renovations, or paying off debt. Others inherit antique pieces of jewelry that don’t fit or feel right or perhaps just don’t fit a person’s individual style. When this happens, the jewelry can begin to feel like clutter rather than a reminder of a loved one.

Holding onto sentimental jewelry items can be a wonderful feeling when it is attached to a particular memory or person, and the item is still wearable. However, there may come a time when you decide that photographs are enough.

In other cases, diamond jewelry can represent something from one's past that they would rather put behind them. For many in this type of situation, selling diamond jewelry would certainly serve you better than continuing to hold on to the item.

While selling your diamond jewelry may seem lucrative, it's not as simple a transaction as selling something like gold. While gold has a quantifiable melt value, the resale prices for diamonds do not have just one objective measure, making the whole process overwhelming for those who are not professional gemologists or appraisers.

Selling Diamonds Online

When you think of selling your diamonds for cash, you probably think of heading to a pawn shop or local jeweler. This seems like a straightforward and uncomplicated option, right? Besides, where else would you go?

You can actually sell your diamond jewelry a few different ways, and believe it or not, you can actually get more for it somewhere else.

Why Selling Locally May Not Be the Answer

While you may be tempted to go to your local jeweler, you should take into consideration that they, as trustworthy as they are, have a business to run. The likelihood of your local jeweler giving you a high offer is entirely dependent on the conditions of the market and the popularity of your jewelry style at any given time.

The buying power of a single buyer, especially one who is in the business of selling jewelry, is quite limited. It is likely that you can lose money when you sell to a local jeweler, and even more so with a local pawn shop.

Easily and Safely Sell Diamonds Online & Make a Bigger Profit

In contrast to working with only one seller, when you work with Worthy, you are able to obtain offers from many buyers, who will ultimately compete for your diamond in our diamond auction. So, when you are searching for diamond buyers or jewelers near you, know that Worthy brings the market to you, no matter where you are.

Worthy will also guide you through the entire process, making sure you understand and approve every move. We want to see you get the most for your jewelry and feel good about the decision to sell, without any pressure. Pressure is for making diamonds, not selling them.

Plus, Worthy provides full insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust the insurers at Lloyd's of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.

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Diamond Auctions at Worthy

Worthy places high value on trust, full transparency, and complete customer satisfaction. We want you to feel comfortable sitting back and letting us handle the details. That’s why we clean, polish, and take photos of your diamond for you, along with getting it appraised by a qualified professional. Then, we use our one-of-kind auction platform to get your diamond in front of hundreds of professional, international buyers.

Learn more about our auction platform and how the auction process works.

lloyds insurance
Luxury Item Protection
Worthy provides full insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust Lloyd's of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.

Choose A Trustworthy Diamond Buyer

When you sell diamond jewelry, it is crucial that you feel 100% confident with the method you choose. Making sure that your provider has a good TrustPilot rating is a good place to start.

Worthy has an excellent Trust Pilot rating and holds a Second hand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. More importantly, we only trust the best in the business to carry out diamond gradings - GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

By choosing the Worthy network, you can rest assured that you are selling your diamonds according to US government standards.

Worthy is also 100% objective and transparent throughout the entire selling process. Since we are not the ultimate buyer of your diamonds, all estimates and evaluations are solely for the purpose of providing accurate information to both you and the buyers bidding on it. It is the network of professional diamond buyers that will determine the value of your diamond.

How To Sell Online With Worthy

  1. Free Secure Pickup - Describe your valuable and schedule a secure shipment. Your valuable will be shipped to our offices via FedEx and fully insured by brokers at Lloyds of London.

  2. We Do All The Work - Once your item arrives at our offices, it is screened and put into our secure tracking system.

    • We get your valuable ready for auction by carefully cleaning it and having beauty shots taken by professional photographers.

    • Then it’s off to be graded by an industry-leading diamond lab like GIA, GSI, or IGI. Watches are inspected by Central Watch in NYC.

    • Now it’s time to create an auction listing, complete with the lab grading and beauty shot.

    • Set your reserve price, either by using our recommended price guarantee or setting a manual reserve price.

    • Start your auction!

  3. Get paid - As offers from vetted professionals come in, you decide what offer to choose. Once the auction has concluded, you will receive the final sale amount minus our commission. Choose a payment method and get paid fast.


See what sellers on our marketplace have to say:

Before You Sell Your Diamond

Make Sure You Are Emotionally Ready to Sell Your Diamonds

It is true that to most of us, diamonds represent love and passion, which make them harder to let go of than any other type of jewelry. Due to sentimental value, you may perceive the price of your diamond as higher. Unfortunately, buyers, and the market as a whole, may not reflect the same sentiment. To them, this is a business transaction.

Make sure you have carefully considered what the item represents and how you will feel when it is gone. If you are emotionally ready to let go, choosing a buyer who uses a third party to determine the value of your jewelry can be helpful. This way, there is no doubt that you are getting what your diamond is worth and there will be no hard feelings down the road.

Using Worthy was so easy, I felt very comfortable.
Sierra Fein · Happy Client

Know Your Diamond Before You Sell

Markets tend to fluctuate and the demand for certain diamonds fluctuates similarly. So, before you rush out there and expect to make a killing on your rock, you should get an accurate assessment of its quality and value. At Worthy, this is the first thing we do when you send us a request to sell your diamonds. All you have to do is submit a brief description of your diamond and our smart Diamond Value Calculator will compute its market resale value. This way, we can start off on the right foot and give you a market value estimate before you send it to us for full physical evaluation.
100% Seller Protection
We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

Factors That Determine Diamond Value

Diamonds are evaluated based on clarity, cut, color and carat weight, or the "Four Cs".
  1. Carat- Diamond jewelry owners typically know the carat weight of their stone because it refers to its size. The bigger the diamond, the greater the carat weight and value.

  2. Color- Most diamonds are not totally colorless, like the majority of people believe. They usually have hints of yellow or brown. Diamonds that are graded to be completely colorless have higher value. Of course, this doesn’t apply to colored diamonds. They have an evaluation scale of their own.

  3. Clarity- evaluators are looking for a lack of flaws and blemishes on the gem. The fewer the blemishes the diamond has, the higher its value.

  4. Cut- This refers to the diamond is the shape that has been given by the diamond cutter. Because modern diamonds have near-immaculate cuts, their value is higher than antique diamonds since their cuts are not as accurate.

Set Realistic Price Goals For Your Diamond

Expecting the retail value for your pre-owned diamonds is the fastest way to be disappointed with any final sale. There is a significant difference between retail and resale value that needs to be considered when setting price expectations in a diamond sale. When your diamond arrives at Worthy headquarters, it is cleaned, photographed and sent to GIA labs for a complimentary grading. The grading and photographs are presented at auction to our network of professional diamond buyers. From this auction process, the true market value is determined, directly reflecting the level of demand.

Consider How Fast You Want the Cash For Your Diamond

Selling your diamond jewelry on your own can be very time consuming and complicated because you may spend a lot of time filtering through less reliable offers. Platforms like eBay can bring good results, but only if you have previous experience with selling diamonds and a high seller rating.

One of the main advantages of selling your diamond through a network like Worthy is the time you save. If you want to sell diamonds quickly and safely with little hassle, then our auction platform is the perfect option for you. In a very short time, you'll gain access to some of the highest potential proposals for your diamond. What's more, Worthy manages the entire selling process for you. All you have to do is wait for one of our representatives to come back to you with an initial market value estimate with no obligation whatsoever. Next, your diamond will be collected by a FedEx courier free of charge and fully insured and sent to our secure facilities for full evaluation and preparation for auction. Once the highest bid is submitted for your approval, you get paid.

Luxury Item Protection
Based in Richmond, Virginia, Brinks is a global leader in security-related services for banks, retailers and even governmental customers. We trust Brinks, to assist us in the secure transport of high value items and the maintenance of our vaulting systems.
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How Much Do Diamonds Sell For at Worthy?

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