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Last updated: December 03, 2021
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Is it time for you to sell your luxury watch? We know that parting with watches and other fine jewelry is never easy. Each piece has a story behind it and represents value and potential to you. Whether you are trying to declutter and reduce a collection or earn cash by selling a treasured item of value, it’s important to find a selling process you can trust to be painless and quick. One that can provide you the best deal on your valuable watch.

At Worthy, we are experts in helping people like you sell watches online. Whether it’s a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, or any other luxury brand, our goal is to help you find interested and qualified buyers. We know the market, and we promise to get you the highest market value possible for your valued timepiece.

Curious about how we can help you sell watches for cash online? Let’s go through your options for selling. We know you have options, and are happy to help you find the best one by laying out the pros and cons—plus how different buyers determine the value of your luxury watch. We’ll also walk you through the process Worthy uses to sell your watch and how it safeguards your valuables while getting you a fair price.

Where Can I Sell Watches?

Luxury watches are timeless pieces that are always in fashion. Selling watches you don’t need can be a great idea when looking to liquidate assets. But how can you go about selling yours? What are your options when you want to sell watches for cash?

We know you want to find the best offer for your luxury watches. But with the value of jewelry constantly fluctuating, it is often difficult to know if an offer is fair or not. You have a few options for finding a buyer for your watch, but you need to be very careful when choosing where to sell.

Here are a few options for selling your watch and things to consider with each:

  • Local jewelry stores - Local stores are certainly trustworthy, but their priorities may not reflect your best interests. For one, their selling prices reflect retail prices, which are marked up significantly. When local jewelers buy pieces like a branded watch, they will normally sell them to a dealer, who will then sell them to a wholesaler. Watch shop owners have a business to run and may not profit from buying your watch, especially if you have no plans to immediately replace it. While convenient and local, the jewelry store down the block won’t get you the most competitive prices.

  • Consignment Shops - - While consignment shops are easy to find, you will often need to pay a high consignment rate and the sale can often take a long time. In addition, it is crucial to research the shop’s reputation and reliability.

  • Pawnshops - Pawnshops are good for quick cash, but not value. A pawn shop can be a fast option but don’t expect high returns.

  • eBay - Many people turn to eBay to sell a watch online. But with an average of one million jewelry items on sale at any given moment, plus the risk of being scammed, you won’t get great value or security, and it won’t be sold with expert supervision.

  • Auction - Selling at an auction house puts your luxury watch in front of not just one interested buyer but multiple buyers who are bidding on an item they are interested in and driving up the price. Plus, you benefit from the oversight of experts, who will verify the value of the watch and prevent fraud and scams.

Why Should I Sell My Watch with Worthy?

With so many options for selling your watch, why would should you trust Worthy with your valuable timepiece?

When it comes to selling watches, we believe Worthy ticks all the boxes that other marketplaces lack:

Interested Buyers

We only sell to qualified buyers, ensuring you the best value. We bring the market to you. finds hundreds of qualified, interested watch buyers from across the nation, presents your watch for auction, and facilitates the bidding process. There is no need to go around to multiple local watch shops.

Sell Online, Safely

You can sell from home, offering the convenience of selling on eBay but with trustworthy supervision. We are dedicated to helping you sell your watch online in a way that is safe, secure, and honors the value of your timepiece.

Quick Turnaround

Items sell at an average of 10-14 days, and your money is delivered directly to you. No need to compete with millions of sellers as on eBay, or to take the time to price out different local jewelry shops.

Market Expertise

We offer the trust and familiarity of a watch shop nearby, with the power and oversight of an auction platform. We know the market, and have the expertise that can help you receive the highest market value possible.

Accreditation and Security

We value trust and transparency. We hold a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and are highly rated on Trustpilot. Additionally, all items are insured both while in our secure facility and in transit, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Best Value

No matter the stories behind it or your reason for selling your luxury watch, we know it is valuable to you. We’re happy to offer you our expertise in luxury watches to make sure your watch is valued correctly and sold at a price that’s fair to you. Because all luxury watches are unique, we take great care in selecting the evaluator who is best qualified to authenticate and describe its qualities. For evaluating watches in the highest detail possible, we trust CentralWatch, an iconic watch shop located in Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

How Does Worthy Get the Highest Market Value for Luxury Watch?

Even with all your options to sell a watch online and in person, Worthy is dedicated to getting you the highest market value, without the hassle of learning the market and searching for buyers.

We are experts. We get you the best price because:

  • Our unique auction platform targets buyers. We find interested and qualified watch buyers across the nation to bid for your watch, making sure you receive the highest price possible.
  • We cover logistics. We cover all of the logistics and expenses of shipping, insuring and presenting your watch at auction, all the way to the end watch buyer.
  • We take professional photos of your watch. When you sell watches, the quality of your photographs can greatly affect their perceived value. Worthy takes the guesswork out of how to photograph your watch.

At Worthy, our experts take care of every part of the sales process along the way, assuring the highest offers possible.

How Can I Sell Watches Online with Worthy?

This is the process you can expect when selling watches with Worthy:

1. Free Secure Pickup

Describe your watch and schedule a secure shipment. Your watch will be shipped to our offices via FedEx and fully insured by brokers at Lloyds of London.

2. We Do All The Work

Once your watch arrives at our offices, our team of experts verifies that it arrived safely and gets to work on finding you a buyer:

  • Your watch is screened and put into our secure tracking system.

  • We get your watch ready for auction by carefully cleaning it and having beauty shots taken by professional photographers.

  • Then it’s off to be inspected by Central Watch in NYC.

  • Now it’s time to create an auction listing, complete with the lab grading and beauty shot.

  • Set your reserve price, either by using our recommended price guarantee or setting a manual reserve price.

  • Start your auction!

3. You Get Paid

As offers from vetted professionals come in, you decide what offer to choose. Once the auction has concluded, you will receive the final sale amount minus our commission. Choose a payment method and get paid fast.

If you are interested in selling your luxury watch, we would love to help you. Selling jewelry and watches can be a complicated process. We are experts in this market and are excited to use our knowledge to help you sell your watches for cash at a price that honors their value, using a simple, convenient, and tried-and-true process. When it’s time to sell your luxury watch, count on Worthy.

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