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Sell Your Watch The Smart Way

Last updated: October 06, 2020
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As a luxury watch owner, you know that when it comes time to sell your watch, you shouldn’t trust just anyone. You need a company of watch experts - a company that knows the market, and that knows how to get you the highest market value possible for your valued timepiece. Whether it’s a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, or any of the many luxury brands we specialize in, when you sell your watch on Worthy.com, our watch experts will make sure you receive the highest offer possible from the hundreds of watch buyers that participate in our daily auctions.
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I am so happy with Worthy. I received more money than I expected.

Bruce Remick · Los Angeles, California

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A Breitling Watch
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Extraordinary Value For Your Watch

Many luxury watch owners aren’t aware of the potential value of their timepieces. In November of 2013, a 1957 Patek Philippe fetched 2.2 million at auction, with another model selling for 1.6 million. While this is an unusual case, in general, luxury watches can increase in value and prestige over time, and could potentially be worth significantly more than you think.

What Will Affect the Value of Your Watch?

  • Limited production numbers
  • Brand and model
  • The seal of Geneva (Swiss Made)
  • Manufacturer-made movements
  • Construction using precious metals
  • High quality jewels and stones
  • Age and history of the watch
  • Quality of the clasp and band

Where Can You Sell Your Watch:

Those who own valuable watches and have kept them in good condition often consider selling them but do not know where to start. Watch sellers are looking for the best offers but because the value of jewelry is constantly fluctuating, it is often difficult to understand when a fair offer is given. There is a special attraction to pre-owned watches that are in good condition. Luxury watches are timeless pieces that are always in fashion. Selling old watches can be a great idea when looking to liquidate assets.

Though there are a few different options when selling your watch, it is recommended to be very cautious. Here is why:

  • Local jewelry stores reflect retail prices which are marked up significantly. When local jewelers buy pieces like a branded watch, they will normally sell them to a dealer, who will then sell them to a wholesaler. Watch shop owners have a business to run and may not profit from buying your watch, especially if you have no plans to immediately replace it. While they may certainly be trustworthy, their priorities, and thus their offer may differ from that of a large marketplace such as Worthy. We offer the trust and familiarity of a watch shop nearby, with the power of an auction platform.

  • Consignment shops - While consignment shops are easy to find, you will often need to pay a high consignment rates, it can often take a long time and it is crucial to research the shop’s reputation and reliability.

  • Pawn shops are good for quick cash, but not value. A pawn shop can be a fast option but don’t expect high returns.

  • eBay- ebay may seem tempting, but they have an average of one million jewelry items on sale at any given moment. On top of being at risk of scams, it is unlikely to receive the true value of your timepiece due to the process being void of expert supervision.

  • Worthy - At Worthy, we have developed a way to sell your old watches that ticks all the boxes. By only selling to qualified buyers, we ensure you get the best value for your item. The entire process can be completed from your home. The process is quick, with items selling within an average of 10-14 business days, after which your money is delivered quickly to you. And most importantly, your item is kept safe and secure the entire time.

Why Should You Sell Your Watch With Worthy:

  • We get you the most for your luxury watch. Worthy.com specializes in helping people to sell luxury watches. We know the market, and have the expertise that can help you receive the highest market value possible.
  • We bring the market to you. Worthy.com finds hundreds of qualified, interested watch buyers from across the nation, presents your watch for auction and facilitates the bidding process. There is no need to go around to multiple to local watch shops.
  • We value trust and transparency. We hold a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and are accredited by the BBB. Additionally, all items are insured both while in our secure facility and in transit, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.
  • We are experts. Because all luxury watches are unique, we take great care in selecting the evaluator who is best qualified to authenticate and describe its qualities. For evaluating watches in the highest detail possible, we trust CentralWatch an iconic watch shop located in Grand Central Station in Manhattan. 
100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

How Worthy Gets the Highest Market Value for Your Luxury Watch:

  • Our unique auction platform targets interested and qualified watch buyers across the nation to bid for your watch– making sure you receive the highest price possible.  
  • We cover all of the logistics and expenses of shipping, insuring and presenting your watch at auction, all the way to the end watch buyer.
  • When you sell a luxury watch, the quality of your photographs can greatly affect the perceived value. Worthy.com takes the guesswork out of how to photograph your watch– our experts do everything for you, assuring the highest offers possible.

How To Sell Online With Worthy

  1. Free Secure Pickup - Describe your valuable and schedule a secure shipment. Your valuable will be shipped to our offices via FedEx and fully insured by brokers at Lloyds of London.

  2. We Do All The Work - Once your item arrives at our offices, it is screened and put into our secure tracking system.

    • We get your valuable ready for auction by carefully cleaning it and having beauty shots taken by professional photographers.

    • Then it’s off to be graded by an industry-leading diamond lab like GIA, GSI, or IGI. Watches are inspected by Central Watch in NYC.

    • Now it’s time to create an auction listing, complete with the lab grading and beauty shot.

    • Set your reserve price, either by using our recommended price guarantee or setting a manual reserve price.

    • Start your auction!

  3. Get paid - As offers from vetted professionals come in, you decide what offer to choose. Once the auction has concluded, you will receive the final sale amount minus our commission. Choose a payment method and get paid fast.

lloyds insurance
Luxury Item Protection
Worthy provides full insurance coverage for every shipment. We trust Lloyd's of London, a global leader in insurance since 1688, to protect all valuables auctioned on our platform.
Click here for more about our item protection policy

Luxury Watch Brands We Auction:

Alain Silberstein          Audemars Piguet            Bell & Ross
Blancpain Breguet Breitling
Bulgari Cartier Chopard
Franck Muller Harry Winston Hublot
IWC Jaeger Lange
Glashütte MB&F Montblanc
Omega Panerai Patek Philippe
Piaget Richard Mille Roger Dubuis
Rolex TAG Heuer Tudor
Ulysse Nardin Vacheron Constantin Zenith
Alain Silberstein
Audemars Piguet
Bell & Ross
Franck Muller
Harry Winston
Patek Philippe
Richard Mille
Roger Dubuis
TAG Heuer
Ulysse Nardin
Vacheron Constantin

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