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Last updated: July 29, 2022

Welcome to, the experts in selling your luxury watch, fine jewelry and gems. We at Worthy pride ourselves in our expertise, ethical business practices, professionalism, and most of all, our success in getting our clients the most money possible for their items. Our unique process lets you relax while we take care of appraising your item and preparing it for auction. At the end of the auction, you decide whether to accept or reject the offer - putting you in the driver’s seat.

Getting The Best Value For Your Gerald Genta

  • Our unique auction system: We maintain a database of qualified, interested buyers that are ready to bid when you sell your Gerald Genta. puts your luxury watch directly in front of hundreds of relevant buyers, all across the nation.

  • Low overhead: By finding and bringing qualified watch buyers directly to you, we reduce expenses, and pass those cost savings directly to you. Most importantly, our model ensures that our valued clients receive the highest offer possible when selling Gerald Genta.

  • Professional, independent appraisal: has invested extensively in the appraisal process, making sure that the appraiser has the expertise needed to effectively appraise and prepare your watch for auction.

A Trustworthy Appraisal

We at Worthy understand the reluctance when using an online auction site for the first time, which is why we are licensed & certified by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, and accredited by the BBB. We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout the entire transaction. In addition, because the items are being purchased by third party auction members, our independent appraisers have no conflict of interest when evaluating your item. We have the same goal as you: to get you the highest possible price when you sell your Gerald Genta.

Our Convenient Process When You Sell Your Gerald Genta

  1. Complete our short questionnaire and provide us with a picture of your Gerald Genta

  2. We will provide an initial market value estimate using your description and photos and sourcing similar transactions.

  3. Send in your item for a full physical appraisal. Simply drop off your item at a nearby FedEx location or we can arrange for a courier pickup for your free and insured shipment.

  4. The appraiser will complete a comprehensive appraisal using advanced state-of-the-art equipment. After the appraisal, we will prepare your Gerald Genta for auction by professionally cleaning the item, taking photographs, and preparing a captivating written description.

  5. Buyers place bids on the item, and at the end of the auction, you are able to accept or decline the highest offer. If you accept the offer, you are credited with the money instantly, and we take care of shipping the item to the buyer. Every transaction made is guaranteed with no possibility of the buyer backing out.

About Gerald Genta

Gerald Genta, already a famous and seasoned watchmaker, began producing his own signature watches at the relatively young age of 38. Prior to starting his own brand, Genta designed for such notable companies such as Patek Philippe, IWC, Audemars Piguet, and Cartier. Gerald Genta designed the famed Golden Ellipse in 1968 for Patek Philippe; a watch that quickly became, and remains, a true classic. Throughout his career, Genta designed watches not only for his own collection, but many custom models for athletes, celebrities, and dignitaries. While Genta himself passed away in 2011, his broad collections of production watches, as well as custom pieces, all remain prized collector items, and have maintained high values through the years.

Learn how to pronounce Gerald Genta correctly by listening to our complete Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide.

Featured Gerald Genta Models and Collections

Octo Granda Sonnerie Tourbillon: Shortly after striking out on his own, Genta designed the Gerald Genta Octo Granda Sonnerie Tourbillon, a watch which mimicked the ringing bells of the Westminster Quarters, a melody that anyone who has been around a grandfather clock would quickly recognize. The watch played the bells every 15 minutes, and was a technological and engineering feat for its time (and would still be an impressive accomplishment if done in modern times, for that matter). The watch retailed for approximately $810,000, an impressive sum for 1969.

Grand Sonnerie Retro: The world’s most complicated wristwatch, known as the Grand Sonnerie Retro, was designed by Gerald Genta in 1994. The watch, which was priced around $2 million, had over 950 moving parts, and took the watchmaker more than a year to complete.

Disney Collection: In what would become one of his most popular collections, Gerald Genta licensed characters from Disney, and created a collection of watches featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Scrooge, and Minnie Mouse. Each watch contained the character illustrations on the dial, 18 carat gold cases, and were designed and produced in Switzerland. has one goal in mind: to provide you exceptional professional service from our experts while making sure that you receive the most money possible, with the least amount of effort.

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