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Last updated: April 12, 2023

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Rolex is by far the most recognized luxury watch manufacturer the world over. Since its inception in 1908, Rolex has become a symbol of status and success. That's why high-end watch buyers and collectors are willing to pay top-dollar for pre-owned Rolex watches like yours. And there has never been a better time to sell your Rolex than right now.

Unlike second-hand cars, pre-owned Rolex watches do not have an expiration date. Rolex watches are crafted to last and that is why demand is so high. These luxury timepieces are dependable for decades as they are founded on premium Swiss craftsmanship.

Unlike second-hand cars, pre-owned Rolex watches do not have an expiration date. Rolex watches are crafted to last and that is why demand is so high. These luxury timepieces are dependable for decades as they are founded on premium Swiss craftsmanship.

Worthy was founded to help people sell their jewelry for the highest prices on the market. And although we are known as the leading service for helping people sell their engagement rings, diamonds and wedding bands, we’ve helped thousands of people get 2 to 3x more money for selling their watches, too. That’s what makes Worthy the best place to sell your Rolex watch on the market.

Recently Auctioned Rolex Watches:

Without leaving your home, you can have your Rolex evaluated, professionally photographed, and presented to hundreds of interested watch buyers worldwide. These professional buyers have joined the Worthy network because they are interested in bidding on high quality, verified, luxury watches that have been authenticated by experts. Our unique auction platform attracts competitive bids of the interested buyers, guaranteeing that you will receive the highest fair market value for your Rolex watch.


Now may be the very best time to sell your Rolex watch. The resale market is super hot, especially for luxury and fine watches. That means watches like yours are very much in demand by watch buyers around the world.

There are several more specific reasons why now is a great time to sell your Rolex. For starters, the brand is in perpetual demand. These timepieces are extremely well-made, have classic aesthetic appeal, and retain their value over long periods of time. When you combine those specifics with the current global demand luxury watches, it’s essentially a can’t-miss situation.

Some of the most popular Rolex models on the market include the Daytona, the GMT, the Oyster Perpetual Datejust and the Submariner. But no matter what model Rolex you have, there’s likely a buyer out there right now looking to take it off your hands for top dollar.

100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
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When you authorize Worthy to help you sell your Rolex watch online, you're choosing safety, reliability and honesty. From the instant you send your Rolex watch to Worthy, it is fully insured until it is safely delivered to its new owner.

But we’re not just safe, honest, and reliable. We’re also the best place to maximize the value of your Rolex. That’s because of Worthy’s innovative auction technology that allows our curated network of high-end luxury watch buyers to competitively bid against each other and drive up the price of your piece.

Selling your watch with Worthy removes the hassle of shopping your Rolex around town, trying to find the best price from local watch dealers and jewelers, pawn shops, or consignment stores. At the end of the day, you’ll get paid fast and will often get as much as 2 of 3x as much as you would have selling some other way, whether locally or online.

What's more, Worthy has thousands of excellent reviews. because we always try to go above and beyond to help our sellers maximize their convenience, security, and best of all, their cash reward. Trustpilot


Absolutely! We have helped our sellers earn top dollar selling many different brands of luxury watches.

These include selling everything from Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, and Omega, plus many more. Moreover, we’ve helped many thousands of people sell their diamonds, gemstone jewelry, engagement rings, and wedding bands for the highest prices paid on the market.

But if you have a Rolex watch to sell, here’s how it works at Worthy:


If you are considering selling your Rolex, selling through the Worthy auction platform may be the best option for you. The process breaks down into a few key steps as follows:

  • Describe your Rolex
  • Ship your watch
  • Set your reserve price
  • Begin the auction
  • Get paid

We can look at each of these steps in a bit more detail.

Describe Your Rolex

On Worthy.com, when you click the button to sell your watch, you are given the opportunity to describe the Rolex you want to sell in as much detail as possible. Make sure you mention any official paperwork you may still have from initial purchase of your watch. If your watch qualifies, the next step will be to ship your item to Worthy’s headquarters in New York City.

Ship Your Item

Once your Rolex qualifies for Worthy’s auction platform, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label you can use to ship your watch to our headquarters. That’s right - shipping is on us! Plus, your watch is completely insured, so you won’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail or any other unfortunate incidents.

Once your watch arrives at Worthy’s headquarters, we begin the process of preparing your piece for auction. We’ll clean it and take professional photographs to make your Rolex really shine for our buyers.

We also partner with agency CentralWatch - the industry standard - to create a detailed report of all of the features of your watch. This gives our buyers an objective understanding of the true underlying value of your Rolex, so they will know how to set their bids accordingly and be willing to pay more money for your item.

Set Your Reserve Price

At Worthy, you are in control. That means you get to set the reserve price for your Rolex watch. The reserve price is the minimum price you are willing to accept for your piece. If the bidders do not meet your reserve price, we will ship the item back to you completely free of charge. Once you set the reserve price, we can begin the auction.

Start the Auction

Now it’s time to watch the bids roll in on Worthy.com right from the comfort of your home! You can see in real time the bids being placed on your watch and if they will meet your reserve price. Instead of running around your neighborhood trying to find a watch buyer, simply relax and have fun watching the bidders compete to pay top dollar for your Rolex.

Get Paid

Once the high bid is confirmed the the item is sold, we make it our mission to make sure you get paid fast and conveniently. We offer a number of different methods of payment so that you can choose the manner which is most convenient for you. Then comes the best part of all - deciding what to do with the money you earned with the sale of your Rolex watch!


There are a number of different factors that affect the value of your Rolex. Before you sell your watch, make sure to look for its 5-8 digit engraved serial number. This helps to determine the value of your watch knowing the approximate date or year that it was produced.

The serial numbers on your Rolex are machine engraved on the watch case side between the strap lugs at 6 o'clock. However, from 2005 onward, Rolex started inscribing serial numbers onto the inside rim of the watch, or the 'rehaut', for styling reasons.

Another thing to look for is your Rolex watch model number, which is located on the side of the case at 12 o'clock. To see it, you must detach the strap from the case. These 2 numbers will help the buyers evaluate the worth of your watch.

Other watch characteristics that could boost the value of a Rolex are the type of finish, such as Damascene plates (also known as pearlage or Cotes de Geneve), blue colored screws, diamonds or other gemstones set at the hour marks. Within the watch itself, moto-barrels, rounded spokes, and escaped wheels with chiseled teeth affect the total watch value.

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Worthy is a leader in helping people sell their luxury watches and jewelry with an unsurpassed level of knowledge and expertise of Rolex timepieces.

Countless Rolex buyers from across the US have joined the Worthy network because they know they'll get access to high quality, verified luxury watches that have been authenticated by professionals.

If you have a Rolex you no longer want or need, now is likely the best time for you to sell it with Worthy. Simply fill out our submission form and see if your watch qualifies to be sold through a Worthy auction.

Submit your jewelry today and get paid top dollar for your items fast, securely, and hassle free now.

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