How It Works

Customer Requests Trade-in

Customer wishes to trade in their pre-owned valuable.

Worthy Guarantees Price

Worthy commits to a buy back price. You provide store credit.

Customer Selects New Item

Customer buys a new item and pays only the difference.

You Made A New Sale!

You just made a new sale and a happy customer.

Smart Buyback Program

We understand that you are in the business of selling jewelry, not buying it back. Worthy’s Jeweler Program looks to provide you with a buy-back solution that maximizes value in a way that benefits both you and your customers. There are no risks and no start-up costs, only your potential to profit.

Realize Revenues

Lead trade-in customers to their next purchase. Use the Worthy App to show your customer the true value of their pre owned item (“the Kelley Blue Book” of Jewelry). Give your customer store credit for that amount and we will guarantee that value and support your next sale.

Drive Traffic

Attract more customers to your store with added offerings.

No Added Inventory

No need to buy into inventory pre-owned items, just ship them to Worthy for free and get paid.

No Start-Up Costs

Just sign up with Worthy, and we’ll get to work.

Commission on Resale

Earn even when customers want to sell their pre-owned valuable instead of trade-in.



"I am able to provide an added service to my customers without all of the hassle that usually comes with a trade-in or a buy-back program. It helps me drive more traffic into my store."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Worthy do?
    Worthy is an online auction house where private individuals can sell their diamonds and luxury watches to professional, trustworthy buyers. Worthy’s full service solution, including insured shipping, complimentary GIA gradings and high-resolution photographs, aims to help clients reach maximum value potential of their item.
    We’ve created an ideal buying and selling environment for pre-owned valuables that you, as a store owner can tap into. You can utilize our auction platform to facilitate both trade-in and resale deals.
  • How do I help a customer re-sell their diamond?
    We provide 3 different service options for you to help your customers sell their diamonds and watches for maximum value. You can choose from the white glove, referral and trade-in solution
  • How does the white glove option work?
    • Customer Walks in - A customer wishes to sell their diamond or diamond jewelry. Describe the diamond characteristics using our simple item submission form.
    • Reveal Market Value - Based on the details you’ve entered, our app will calculate the true market value of the diamond piece.
    • GIA Grading - Your free shipping label addressed to our headquarters where we will photograph the diamond piece, and then securely deliver it to GIA labs for grading
    • Collect Commissions - The GIA grading report and professional photographs are listed on auction and actively promoted to the right buyers, who will place competitive bids for it.
    • or you to help your customers sell their diamonds while benefiting your bottom line.
  • How do referrals work?
    If a customer is not sure about moving forward that day and wants to take some time to think about it, you can give them a Worthy Selling Kit with a referral code and instructions on how to send in their item. You will get a percentage of the commission at the success of a deal and every transaction moving forward.
  • How does the trade - in option work?
    For this option, simply describe your customer’s valuable and our app will calculate the true market value of your customer’s item. If you agree to this value, your customer receives store credit in that amount towards their next purchase.
  • Can I view the live auction?
    Yes. When the auction begins you can see the number of interested buyers and their bids as they come in. You will also receive a summary of the auction upon its closing.
  • What types of items do you accept?
    Worthy accepts genuine, natural diamonds and diamond jewelry with a resale value of $1,000 or more.
  • What is the "market value"?
    Market value reflects the demand in the marketplace and the going price of a particular item. When calculating the market value of items listed for auction, we use our smart technology to take the details provided by you, to scan the marketplace and gauge the demand of buyers in our network. Due to a potential fluctuation of value during the auction, it is presented to you as a range.
  • Who are your buyers?
    We have a network of hundreds of professional diamond and watch buyers in the US and all over the world. Buyers in our network are vetted prior to being approved and gaining access to Worthy auctions.
  • Do your buyers trust your descriptions?
    YYes! All diamond descriptions are the result of gradings from one of two industry-leading labs, GIA and IGI. Buyers trust, and are ultimately willing to place higher bids on diamonds that come with one of these two reports. Watches auctioned on Worthy are authenticated by CentralWatch, a trusted and reputable watch shop located in Grand Central Station. Buyers in our network know that what they see is what they will get, and for that they pay top dollar.
  • Can’t I get a better price if I sell the items directly to my network of buyers?
    With our extensive buyer network and auction structure it is unlikely that such offers will come your way, and with such little effort. As you may know, finding the right buyer for a valuable item is not always easy. With Worthy, you can reach a multitude of buyers expressly interested in your clients’ items.
  • How do I send my valuables to you?
    Immediately following the market value calculation, you are provided with a fully insured, pre-paid shipping label addressed to our headquarters. You can either drop off the package at a FedEx location, or arrange for a free FedEx courier pickup.
  • Do potential buyers physically view my item?
    Professional buyers are permitted to view items physically. Yet, most buyers choose not to, as they trust the grading reports. In the event they examine the items, we do so at our secure headquarters in the presence of a Worthy manager and under video surveillance.
  • Do you need to remove the center stone from its setting?
    We highly recommend granting permission stone removal, as that is a requirement for GIA gradings, that buyers typically pay more for. If you or your client do not feel comfortable with removing the stone, we will send the diamond to IGI for grading. It is important to note, and communicate to your client at this stage, that Worthy will not re-set the stone in the case that a sale does not go through, and the piece is returned.
  • What happens if my valuables get lost or stolen?
    In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, all valuables are insured from the moment they are shipped to us. You will be compensated according to market value in accordance with New York State regulation.
  • If I or my client rejects the offer, will you send back the item?
    If the final offer falls below the reserve price you are under no obligation to accept the deal and can request for the item to be sent back to you, fully insured and free of charge. We will immediately send your item back in the same condition it was sent to us, no strings attached.

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