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Welcome to, the experts in selling your luxury watch, fine jewelry and gems. We at Worthy pride ourselves in our expertise, ethical business practices, professionalism, and most of all, our success in getting our clients the most money possible for their items. Our unique process lets you relax while we appraise your item, take professional photographs, and prepare it for auction. At the end of the auction, you decide whether to accept or reject the offer - putting you in the driver’s seat.

Get the Best Offers When You Sell Seiko

  • Our unique auction system: We maintain a database of qualified, interested buyers that are ready to bid when you sell a Seiko. puts your luxury watch directly in front of hundreds of relevant buyers, all across the nation.
  • Low overhead: By finding and bringing qualified watch buyers directly to you, we reduce expenses, and pass those cost  savings directly to you. Most importantly, our model ensures that our valued clients receive the highest offer possible when selling their Seiko.
  • Professional, objective appraisals: partners with professional appraisers who are among the best in the field.  This appraisal process is exclusive to Worthy, and is provided to all clients at no has invested extensively in state-of-the-art, modern equipment for the accurate analysis and appraisal of your Seiko. Additionally, our experienced staff has the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively appraise and prepare your watch for auction.

A Trustworthy Appraisal When You Sell Seiko

The appraisal process is a strong point of pride for While traditional appraisals such as those available at many local jewelry stores are intended to assign a price tag to items, our appraisals are unique in that they are completely objective. Rather than setting a dollar amount for sale, an objective appraisal is intended to certify and authenticate a luxury item, thus enhancing buyer trust and helping to ensure that you, the seller, receive the best possible value for your watch. Because each and every item we sell on behalf of our clients is unique, we take extreme care in matching luxury goods with the appraisers who are best qualified to evaluate them, in terms of experience and expertise. When you sell a Seiko watch with Worthy, it will be assessed by a partner appraiser who has the knowledge and skill to evaluate it objectively.

Seiko: An Exquisite Watchmaker

Unlike many other luxury watch companies that are based in Switzerland, Seiko has a unique origin: Tokyo, Japan.  Seiko, which translates to “exquisite” in Japanese, was founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1881. Originally, the company was called K. Hattori.  After operating for 11 years, Hattori began to produce clocks, and renamed the brand Seikosha, which translates to “house of exquisite workmanship” in Japanese.  in 1924, the brand again changed names, this time, resulting in the brand we know today, Seiko.

In 1969, Seiko created the Quartz Astron, the world’s first quartz watch able to be produced in large numbers.  At the time, Seiko’s chief  engineer was quoted as saying “it was more expensive than the family car.”  Although only 200 watches were produced, this innovation caused a serious rift in the world of watchmaking.  While quality watches had been typically primarily produced in Switzerland , Japan had now solidified itself as a true competitor in the global watch market.

While mostly known for their watches, Seiko has also been producing incredibly accurate and precise chronographs (think stopwatches) for many years.  They have been the official timekeepers of multiple Olympics, starting as early as the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games in 1964, and as recently as the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games in 2002.

Current popular models include the Grand Seiko, Astron, Anata, Sportura, Premier, and Le Grand Sport. 

Popular Seiko Models

Grand Seiko: The Grand Seiko, Seiko’s flagship watch, has been in production since 1960.  The designers of the Grand Seiko set out to produce the most reliable and accurate watch  that Seiko had ever made - and they succeeded.  The Grand Seiko has a simple yet elegant design, free of ornate adornments typically found on other luxury watches.  Designed to be the perfect watch, the Grand Seiko has become one of the prime examples of Japanese luxury, and is prized by its owners.

Astron: The Astron has been proven to be one of the most technologically advanced watches in existence.  With the help of embedded GPS, the watch automatically adjusts to any international time zone you are in - all 39 of them.  In addition, the Astron obtains its power through light, including artificial sources of light.  The calendar is automatically calibrated to be accurate until year 2100, and will require no manual adjustments until then.

Ananta: Continuing with the theme of technological innovation, Seiko engineers embarked on using every piece of available technology to create the Ananta. In addition to traditional hour and minute hands, many Ananta models contain a GMT hand, simultaneously displaying the timezone. In addition, the Ananta contains over 292 individual parts, and is embedded with a stopwatch that can run for up to 12 hours.

Why Sell Seiko With Worthy?

Value: We get the best price for your Seiko
Trust: We hold a Secondhand Dealer's License issued by the NYCity Department of Consumer Affairs
Specialization: We partner with experts specialize in evaluating Seiko watches.
Simplicity: We do all the legwork for you from start to finish.
No Obligation: We do not sell your Seiko until you accept a deal and approve the selling price.

Now that you have seen just how easy and simple and beneficial it is to sell your Seiko watch, go ahead and submit a brief description to our website and get started. We will take it from there. 

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