Sell Your Montres Militaire Watch For The Highest Price

Last updated: April 02, 2019

Welcome to the world's most innovative auction platform – Worthy. Our state-of-the-art system has been designed to get you the highest market price for your Montres-Militaire watch. Our pioneering approach ensures that you receive a credible, market-driven price for your luxury watch. Due to our independent appraisals carried out by the best watch industry professionals, you will be able to derive maximum benefit when you sell your Montres-Militaire watch. Using our online auction platform is safe, secure and intuitive. Once we have received bids in the marketplace, we will present them to you at which point you can decide whether to accept or reject the offers. Worthy is the high standard when it comes to selling your high-end luxury watch.

Sell Your Montres-Militare For The Highest Market Value

Our online auction platform at Worthy is ideally suited to generating maximum value for our clients. We strive to provide you with premium quality support, service and value when you decide to sell your Montres-Militaire watch through us. Our auction platform has been designed to provide real-time auctions with interested watch buyers for your benefit. The system is complemented by an independent and professional appraisal process which we oversee. On our end, expert appraisers do not simply assign a value to your watch. Instead, your watch is professionally cleaned, before being evaluated by one of our expert partner appraisers, who use current market insight and specific information gained during the appraisal process to suggest an opening bid value. After the appraisal, your Montres-Militaire is prepared for auction. Professional photographs are taken, and an in-depth description of your watch is written specifically to appeal to our buyers. We will then create an auction for your watch at which time real buyers can place bids on your Montres-Militaire watch. Once the auction has closed, the highest bid will be presented to you. This transparent process ensures that you are kept in the loop at every step along the way. The price we provide you with is based on both the expert appraisal and real market conditions.

A Trustworthy Appraisal 

Worthy has a reputation of unbridled excellence in the luxury watch industry. Ours is a name you can trust, and we have all the credentials to back up our promise to you. We are accredited by the BBB and we are fully licensed and certified by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. Our independent appraisers have extensive experience in evaluating luxury watches, and all of them are 100% fully certified. Our work is undertaken in a transparent fashion, allowing you to evaluate your watch’s status at any time. Feel free to view the actual auction of your Montres-Militaire watch on the Worthy platform.


We are committed to making the process of selling your Montres-Militaire watch as easy as possible. In fact, we take all the hassle out of the process by doing all the work for you. To begin, simply follow the steps listed below:
  1. Describe your Montres-Militaire watch and provide us with a clear image of the watch. 
  2. Based on your description and image, similar transactions and preliminary bids will be sourced to determine a market value estimate.  You will also be provided with a free shipping label to send to our secure facilities for full appraisal. 
  3. Our independent professional appraisers will authenticate and prepare your watch for auction by cleaning, photographing and providing a selling description of your Montres-Militaire watch.
  4. Your watch will then be added to the Worthy auction platform where watch buyers will be able to place bids on your luxury watch.
  5. Once the auction process has concluded, the highest bid will be the price offered to you for your Montres-Militaire watch for you to accept the offer or decline.

About Montres-Militaire Watches

Montres-Militaire (Mon-Tre Militer) is headed by Markus Tschopp. This luxury watch brand is highly sought after by watch connoisseurs around the world. The brand combines elegance and sophistication with a robust and military-style timepiece. Mr. Tschopp has been working in the watch industry for over 20 years and he has gained tremendous insights into luxury watchmaking. His artistic flair, ingenuity and innovative approach has been instrumental in establishing Montres-Militaire as a major force in the luxury watch market. Although a new entrant to the high-end watch market, Montres-Militaire watches are already a prized collection for watch connoisseurs. In May 2013 the first model was released – Officier de Marine. All of these luxury watches are handcrafted in Switzerland. This brand sports a military theme and is seen throughout all of the timepieces that Markus Tschopp has created. Many of the watches created by Montres-Militaire are bronze timepieces, in contrast to the gold and diamond encrusted watches of other luxury watchmakers. As such, they are more affordable, with prices ranging from $2,400 upwards.

Popular Montres-Militaire Models

Montres-Militaire watches come in several different models. The collection is peppered with variety, many of which sport a naval theme. These watches feature brushed bronze cases with a steel case back. The movement is generally Swiss manual UNITAS 6497. The watches have 100m water resistance and the dimensions are 47 mm times 15 mm thick, not including the lugs or the crown. The styles differ based on colour and design, ranging from green to black. Among the many luxury-watch timepieces are the following:
  • Officier De Marine 47mm Mil #7101
  • Officier De Marine 47mm Mil #7102
  • Officier De Marine 47mm Mil #7103
  • Officier De Marine 47mm Mil #7104
  • Special Edition

Selling Your Montres-Militaire Watch

Watch aficionados looking for a bold, fresh new entrant to the luxury watch market would love to own a Montres-Militaire watch. These quality timepieces are unique in their rarity, design and functionality. Swiss engineered for optimal precision, Montres-Militaire is the epitome of classic design in a robust watch. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a military theme, these watches are a valuable addition to a watch connoisseur’s collection. When you're ready to sell your Montres-Militaire watch, you can rest assured that our auction platform will help you receive top dollar for your item. Worthy is the ranking online auction platform to provide you with real-market prices for your watch. There's no need to worry about handling a complicated appraisal processes or lengthy negotiations, so get started now!

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