Our Auction Platform

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How we get you higher offers, faster than ever.

For the first time ever, there is an easy, reliable way to auction your luxury items online. Our unique auction platform connects your items with hundreds of trusted professional buyers, resulting in guaranteed transactions. Instead of doing the work getting your valuables appraised, running after only a handful of offers, simply submit your items to Worthy and we’ll take care of the rest. Worthy’s auction platform combines the convenience and the reach of selling your valuables online with the trust and professionalism of your local jeweler.

Why Use the Worthy Auction Platform?

One of the key benefits to working with Worthy is the physical evaluation and auction preparation done before the live auction. The result is a highly detailed, accurate item description accompanied by beautiful HD photographs. This allows buyers to place binding bids with confidence, knowing what they see is what they will get. You will have a chance to see how your item will be presented in the marketplace, attracting competitive bids from all over the world.
Once your item is on auction, you’ll get to watch the incoming bids live on any device you prefer. Throughout the 5-day auction you will have access to the real-time auction map to check in on your auctions progress. You will see the bid amount and its origin. Whether it’s from a US-based or an international buyer, you’ll get to see the competition grow for your item.
Our theory is the wider the scope, the greater the competition. It is precisely why we’ve expanded our selling channels to multiple platforms, including our very own Worthy Buyer Network. Buyers in our network are vetted, professional buyers that are specifically interested in the items we offer on auction. We are able to promote your item to the buyers that have expressed interest in that exact item type. Additionally, we utilize eBay, Rapnet, and Polygon to make sure that you really get every offer there is out there. We are your greatest chance at getting the highest market value!

What Happens When The Auction Ends?

When all bids are in and confirmed, you will be notified and given an auction summary including the number of bids, the average bid amount, and the highest bid. If the highest bid exceeds the market value estimate range, we will sell the item on your behalf and send you the money in your preferred method. If the offer falls within or below the range, you will have the option to accept or decline the deal, in which case, we would send the item back to you right away, fully insured and free of charge.

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