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  • Why do I need to send my item to you?
    In order for buyers to bid with confidence, they need to know that every item is authenticated and that the selling description is guaranteed. That is how we get buyers to bid for the full value of the item. Furthermore, a large part of the work that we conduct on your behalf is done while in our possession such as the high resolution photography, buyer targeting, and final transaction. It is crucial that we are able to physically see your item and assure that it is going to the right people at the right price.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    We cover all shipping expenses, including collection and insurance of your valuable item from your home to our secured facility.
  • What happens if my valuables get lost or stolen?
    In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, your valuables are insured from the moment they are collected. Our insurance coverage for a valuable in transit is up to an amount of US $100,000 and is subject to the terms, limitations and requirements of our current insurance policy.
  • Can I back-out of the process at any time?
    Prior to auction there is no obligation of any kind. Once you agree to a reserve price, you are committed to selling your valuable for that price. If the highest bid falls below the reserve price, or you receive a Quick Sale offer, you have the option to decline and have your valuable sent back to you fully insured, free of charge.
  • If I reject the offer will you send back my item?
    Yes. If you are not satisfied with the offer and it falls below the agreed reserve price, simply request for the item to be sent back to you. We will immediately send your item back in the same condition it was sent to us, no strings attached. However, once you agree to a reserve price, you are committed to selling your item.
  • What is Quick Sale?
    Quick Sale is a selling format that provides the seller with an immediate offering for items that are likely to sell for more when sold in bulk. The Quick Sale option typically results in a better sale price for these types of items than an individual auction. Once our experts determine that your item will sell for more with Quick Sale, you will be presented with an offer. If you choose to accept it you will get paid shortly after.
  • Why should I trust your grading partners over my local jeweler's appraisal?
    Buyers place higher bids with Worthy because we only use the very best in the industry to authenticate and grade items auctioned with us. Our grading partners include the Gemological Institute of America, the International Gemological Institute and the reputable professionals at CentralWatch. Gradings carried out by our partners are so thorough and trusted in the industry, that we put forth a description guarantee. Buyers that come to Worthy know that what they see is what they get, and ultimately place higher bids.
  • Your Jeweler paid you more? We will pay you $100.
    We will pay you $100 if you have successfully sold your valuable item that was auctioned on Worthy, for a price higher than the Auction offered, with an independent Jeweler within 30 business days of receipt of your item back from Worthy. Valid proof of sale must be presented.
  • What are your fees?
    There are absolutely no fees for working with us until a deal is made. You can see the “Worthy Success Fees” outlined here:

    Transaction Seller Fees*
    Up to $5,000 22% 18%
    $5,001 - $15,00015% 14%
    $15,001 - $30,00015% 12%
    $30,001 - Above14% 10%

    For Jewelry Box (3 or more items), a flat fee of 22% 18%* applies.

    * Limited time only