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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Welcome to Worthy, where we get you the most for your Dimier watch with our unique online auction platform. Our ground-breaking platform was created to provide you with a simple method of getting the best price for your Dimier watch. Combined with low overhead costs and independent appraisals, the Worthy auction platform is the only way to get a true market price for your watch. In addition, you are under no obligation to accept the price we offer you.

Getting the Highest Market Value

In order to determine the actual market value of your Dimier watch, Worthy creates an auction for your watch and allows watch buyers to place their bids. There is also an appraisal before the auction is created but instead of assigning a value to your watch it is evaluated and prepared for auction. The professional appraisers will write a description of the watch, photograph it and clean it before it is put on the auction platform. Once it is on the platform, buyers will place bids on your item. When the auction is complete, the highest bid is used to determine the market value of your watch and it is the price we will offer you to sell your watch.  As you can see, the offer you receive  on real bids from real buyers so that our offer reflects real market conditions.

A Trustworthy Appraisal

Appraisals at Worthy are of utmost importance. Our complimentary appraisals are not only complimentary, they also come without any obligation from you the seller. Since every luxury watch we help to sell is unique, we are sure to match it with the appraiser most qualified to evaluate it.  All of our professional appraisal partners have the appropriate certification and expertise to carry out a full watch appraisal. Our entire process at Worthy is transparent with consistent updates on your transaction. You can even access the auction platform to see the auction of your Dimier watch. Worthy is licensed and certified by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and is accredited by the BBB.


It is easy to sell your Dimier watch at Worthy as all of the work is done on your behalf. Here is the simple selling process at Worthy:
  1. Provide us with basic information and an image of your watch. 
  2. Based on your description, similar transactions and the input of interested buyers, we will provide you with a market value estimate.
  3. We provide you with a free shipping label to send your item to our secure facilities where an appraisal expert will prepare your item for auction.
  4. Your watch will be added to our auction platform as soon as possible and professional buyers will begin to place competitive bids on your watch.
  5. At the end of the auction, you will be presented with the highest bid offer. At this point you may choose to accept the offer. Upon accepting the offer, you get your money almost immediately.

About Dimier Watches

Dimier, formerly known as STT, was purchased by Pascal Raffy, the president of Bovet in June of 2006. STT was originally a manufacturing company that produced highly-complex watch movements. Raffy decided to purchase the company to have total control of every watch production and crafting phase. The name STT was later changed to Dimier. Over the next few years Dimier underwent restructuring in order to raise the manufacturing standards to the quality of Bovet.

The next purchase by Raffy was a precious gem and setting manufacturing company located in Geneva, Switzerland – the name of the company was changed to Dimier. Using the same philosophy as he did when he purchased STT, Raffy made this new factory an artisan center that was used to create watches for Bovet.  In addition, this factory was also used to create unique luxury timepieces for a select group of clients.

Currently, there are approximately 150 employees at the Dimier and the Bovet Fleurier SA manufacturing plants. This company produces less than 2,000 watches every year. Some of the modern watches that are created by Bovet use mechanisms that are manufactured by Vaucher Manufacture. The company began supplying watches to the Chinese market during the 19th century. Bovet does not have any intense advertising campaign as they prefer to sell their high-end watches to private clients and boutiques rather than attending public events. Approximately 33% of the watches made by Bovet are original, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made to order.

Click here to listen to our complete Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide and learn how to pronounce Dimier correctly.

Dimier Watch Models

As a Bovet company, Dimier is known throughout the world for its quality, high-end watches.  Bovet is one of the top watchmakers in the world and most of the timepieces are original.  The uniqueness of Bovet watches is just one of the reasons why these watches are so sought out by watch collectors. The quality, design and sophistication of Dimier watches simply cannot be beat. The Recital 0, Recital 15 and Recital 16 watches are examples of the most popular pieces in the Dimier watch collection.

The Dimier watches have exposed movements to pay tribute to the Dimier manufacturing division of Bovet which creates innovative and beautiful watch movements. The Dimier watches are developed, designed and manufactured in adherence with all of Bovet’s specifications. The Dimier collection features beautiful timepieces that showcase the technical prowess of watch-making and the amazing creativity of watch designers. These precision watches have been designed with every single detail in mind and are the epitome of luxury watches.

The intricacies of the watch movements are stunning and are proudly displayed on the watch face so you can enjoy their beauty and rarity. The Dimier collection at Bovet has all of the quality of this top watch-making brand combined with the precision movement designs of Dimier. These watches are unique and the quality cannot be beat which makes them an excellent addition to any watch collection.

Selling Your Dimier Watch

Dimier watches have become some of the best, most innovative watches in the world thanks to Bovet. Because these watches are so unique, you will want to make sure you get the price that you deserve when you decide to sell it.  Worthy can help you get the best market value price for your watch and best of all there is no long negotiation or appraisal process, so get started today!

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