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Last updated: July 29, 2022

Welcome to Worthy, where we get you the most for your DeWitt watch with our unique online auction platform. Our low overhead costs and professional independent appraisals allow you to get the highest possible price for your DeWitt watch.

What’s more is that our auction platform is designed to offer convenience, interaction and transparency every step of the way. In addition, when Worthy makes you an offer to sell your watch you are under no obligation to accept it.

Get the Highest Market Value

Worthy is unique because the auction platform uses bids from watch buyers to determine the value of your DeWitt watch. The appraisal process is likewise one-of-a-kind because instead of assigning a value to your watch it is evaluated and then prepared for auction. Our appraisal partners will clean, photograph and compose a description of your watch for you. Once the appraisers have completed the appraisal process, your watch will be put on the auction platform where professional buyers will bid on it. After the auction has closed, the highest bid will be assigned as the value of your watch. Through this process, we determine the value of your watch using real market conditions via bids of real, knowledgeable buyers.

A Trustworthy Estimate

Worthy is certified and licensed by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and maintains a high BBB rating. The appraisers that work with Worthy have many years of experience in the luxury watch industry and have the requisite certification to perform appraisals. The process at Worthy is transparent so you will be apprised of the status of your watch every step of the way. We even give you access to the auction platform so you monitor the auction of your watch.


Worthy does all of the work for you in order to make the process of selling your DeWitt watch as easy as possible. These are the simple steps involved in selling your watch:
  1. Visit the Worthy website and provide us with some information and an image of your watch.
  2. Based on your description, we will source preliminary bids and similar item transactions to determine a market value estimate. Then use the free shipping label we provide you to send your watch to one of our secure facilities for full evaluation and authentication. 
  3. Your watch will undergo an appraisal where it will be cleaned, evaluated, and professionally photographed. 
  4. The watch is put on the auction platform so interested buyers world-wide can place their bids.
  5. The highest bid will be the ultimate offer for your watch – you can accept or decline the offer.

About DeWitt Watches

Jérôme de Witt opened his watch-making business in 2002.  He worked with the industry’s most skilled craftsmen in areas including movement, watch design, dial-making, jeweler’s art and goldsmithing. The design of 
DeWitt watches breaks from traditional constraints and has brought an entirely new stylistic concept to the world of watch-making. This brand focuses on innovation as well as creating added value with aesthetic accents. These watches express a robust, unique design that is further enhanced by a unique combination of materials. The focus of the watch design is on the ‘Imperial Columns’ and it is one of the signature characteristics of DeWitt watches.

In 2003, DeWitt revealed its Pressy Grande Complication in Basel which was the first in the world. This was followed by a release of their original technological design in 2005 known as Academia Tourbillion Differential. This design was the hottest topic in the watch-making world and it received the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix prize in the category of Innovation. Another incredible breakthrough which was also a world first is known as the Tourbillion Academia Force Constante. This was revealed in Basel in 2006 at the International Watch Exhibition.  Both of these incredible innovations have been patented by DeWitt.

These patented innovations gave DeWitt international recognition as the most elite creative, conceptual and innovative watch-maker in the industry. The innovations that have been produced by this company are the product of Jérôme deWitt’s goal of creating futuristic mechanical movements. DeWitt has truly redefined luxury watch-making and has brought new interpretations and innovations which propelled watch-making into the 21st century.

In addition to the standard watch-making operations including polishing, fabrication, decoration, quality testing, finishing and assembly, DeWitt also has an R&D department that allows DeWitt to create its own movements. The process includes ultra-modern production equipment that allows for vertical production. There are also a number of testing centers across several different continents. The expansion of DeWitt has streamlined the creation of these modern mechanical movements as well as the design of DeWitt watches. This has secured DeWitt’s position as one of the leading luxury watch makers in the world, with an eye to creating unique, stylish and innovative watches.

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De Witt Watch Models

De Witt has arguably some of the most modern luxury watches in the world. While many watch makers have maintained traditional designs in their watches, De Witt decided to look towards the future to create the most modern watches in the world. Because De Witt chooses to focus on modern design, its watches stand out from the rest which always peaks the interest of luxury watch collectors.

The Academia, Glorious Knight and Dame de Pressy are some of the most popular watches at De Witt.  All of these watches showcase a modern design and have distinctive features. The Dame de Pressy for women and the Academia feature exposed movements while the Glorious Knight has a more standard watch face. These watches truly showcase the innovative and unique design that De Witt is known for.

Selling Your De Witt Watch

The innovation of these watches is unparalleled and ensures that you are getting maximum value for the watch. At Worthy, that is exactly what you will get – the most accurate market price for your De Witt watch, so get started now!

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