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Last updated: July 21, 2022

sell Patek Philippe watch developed a signature auction platform that enables us to advertise your Patek Philippe to hundreds of interested buyers across the world who are ready to buy your watch. We maintain effective business processes with low overhead, and extend the savings to you when you sell a Patek Philippe. Our staff consists of expert appraisers with many years of experience and specialization. Our head appraiser, Elliot has over 30 years of experience, giving him the knowledge and expertise that buyers trust.

Why Sell Your Patek Philippe Watch With Worthy?

When you decide to Sell your Patek Philippe with Worthy, we know trust is one of the most important aspects of the transaction. This is why we are licensed & certified by the OCCC and accredited by the BBB. Our specialization in watches and other luxury items ensures you that you will be dealing with experts who can guide you through the transaction from beginning to end.  Most importantly, we do not sell a Patek until the offer price at auction is fully accepted by you. You have the option of walking away from the deal at any time.

The Patek Philippe Watch Appraisal & Selling Process

Worthy’s appraisal process is completely unique. Rather than working to assign a dollar amount to your watch, our appraisal partners take the time to thoroughly clean and completely evaluate, authenticate, and certify your Patek Philippe watch. This extensive process is designed to allow for complete transparency, which enhances buyer confidence, thereby helping to ensure that you receive the best market value for your watch at the auction’s end. After the appraisal has been completed, we will write an appealing selling description of your watch and take professional photographs which will be used to present it to our buyers’ network. Because each and every luxury watch we auction on behalf of our clients is unique, we take great care to entrust it to the expert who has the most experience and expertise in evaluating that particular model. This process is like no other. It is exclusive to Worthy, setting us apart from other sites offering luxury watch auctions.
100% Seller Protection
We trust CentralWatch to confirm the authenticity of watches auctioned on Worthy, providing detailed descriptions that buyers can trust.
More About Our Seller Protection Policy.

About Patek Philippe 

Before the official founding of Patek Philippe in 1851, watchmaker Antoni Patek began designing and manufacturing beautiful pocket watches; a style of watch quite popular at the time. Upon meeting French watchmaker Adrien Philippe in 1845, the duo began working on their signature luxury watches that Patek Philippe lovers have come to know. The company began producing innovating products early on, beginning with the invention and use of the keyless winding mechanism. Before the keyless winding mechanism, the wearer would have to use a special key to manually wind the watch. The keyless winding system allowed wearers to wind the watch with a simple crown (rotating lever) on the side of the watch. Although invented over 160 years ago, this technology is still used in finely crafted, luxury watches today.
Since its founding Patek Philippe has been family owned with complete control over the production of their watches, overseeing all aspects of design and production in their Geneva headquarters. They are well known for manufacturing their own watch parts; something that many other companies outsource. Their independence has allowed them to innovate like no other watchmaker in history, filing over 80 patents, and creating over 200 unique designs.
Popular models include the flagship Calatrava, Golden Ellipse, Gondolo, Aquanot, and Nautilus. The company is especially well known for producing extremely complex, custom watches, including producing a 24 function gold pocket watch in 1933 that auctioned for an astounding 11 million dollars to a collector at Sotheby’s auction house in 1999.

Patek Philippe - Quality & Lasting Value

Each Patek Philippe model is produced in small batches, giving each design a uniqueness that other brands cannot rival. This uniqueness, coupled with their precision and quality, has allowed Patek Philippe watches to not only retain their value, but more commonly, to increase in value over time. In November of 2013, a 1957 Patek Philippe fetched $2.2 million at auction, with another model selling for $1.6 million.

Some of Patek Philippe Models We Accepts:

Caltavara: The Caltavara, Patek Philippe’s signature watch, has been manufactured since 1932. The Caltavara has an unmistakable timeless style that maintains its value and prestige, regardless of the current trend.

Golden Ellipse: The Golden Ellipse was created in 1968, and has an equally recognizable appearance. The Golden Ellipse was designed based on the golden ratio – the same ratio used to build the Egyptian pyramids, and used throughout history to design and define beauty.

Gondolo: The Gondolo is based on the contemporary Art Deco style.  A break from the traditional classical style of Patek Philippe watches, the Gondolo is based on a previously manufactured custom watch, the Chronometro Gondolo.

Recent Patek Philippe Deals:

Tips For Selling Your Patek Philippe Watch Online

The rule of thumb is that the more detailed you are, the more accurate an initial offer will be. This includes:
  • Locating the serial number, model number, & production year
  • Including any certificates, documents detailing previous appraisals, or receipts
  • Providing original Box Set 
  • Including pictures of the front, back, and buckle
Now that you have seen the kind of trust, value, and transparency that we apply to every transaction, you can proceed with confidence in selling your Patek Philippe watch.
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